Love Is The Drug ….

What a couple of nights that was …

Depeche Mode on Monday and Bryan Ferry on Tuesday!

Who was best?

Are you kidding???

There was only ever going to be one winner and on the night the difference in class and quality of back catalogue was immense.

Depeceh Mode were great for about 6 songs, the rest were pretty average. Even their best does not compare to the avarege song by Mr Ferry.

And dare I say it .. Bob Dylan as Ferry is a big fan of the man and covers Dylan better than anyone and I include Adele’s cover of Make You Feel My Love in that statement.

Bryan, his band and Orchestra rocked the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall .. big time .. my only problems with the gig were that it was seated, which tells you something about the average age but fortunately everyone was on their feet for the second set and we were dancing through Love Is The Drug, Let Stick Together and the rest of his hits.

My only remaining disappointment, that I didn’t have the tickets for the Usher Hall gig in Edinburgh last night .. now that would have been fantastic, but I’m seriously thinking of catching up with him on another night on his UK tour over the next week or two.

Can’t say that I feel the same about Depeceh Mode.

Love is indeed the drug ..


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