I’ve seen that face before? ( Libertango)

Friday …

And I really should do some work, but I can’t be arsed!

Blancmange gave it a miss and went late night shopping instead, correct decision.

Christmas is coming and its time to get my finger out and start buying the pressies rather than leaving it to the last minute.

But I got distracted ( no surprise there ) and treated myself rather than buying anything for anyone else.

Am I bad? .. nope .. I do enough for everyone else most of the time.

Check this out ..

The Samsung BDF6500 3D Blueray and Media Streamer .. the only one with all tv catch up services as well as NetFlix and Lovefilm as well as Facebook, Twitter and a Web-Browser built in.


For under a 100 quid .. bargain!

My advice, buy an ordinary high def tv and a smart player .. rather than a more expenisve smart tv.

This weekend .. guess what I’m doing?

Nothing .. nowt .. nada .. zero .. zip and zilch.

Having a quiet one, taking it easy and getting ready for a busy week ahead.

Going a 10 mile run on Sunday so staying completely sober on Saturday.

Oh yeah .. forgot .. starting an Argentinian Tango dance class .. looking forward to that.

Should be a complete hoot!

What a complete babe Nicole Whatsherface is in that second clip.

I’ve seen that face before?

I wish, but I was referring to that sexy song by Grace Jones




One thought on “I’ve seen that face before? ( Libertango)

  1. Me too M. Time to call it a day, one of the great things of working freelance is you are your own boss. Got call today with some more work coming my way so going to enjoy the downtime while I can! 🙂 Yep Christmas is definitely here. Just been sent the new John Lewis ad. The season has officially started. Heading into town this afternoon. Christmas shopping or treats for me? Mmmmm we shall see. Maybe both!

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