Living On The Ceiling?

Thursday night …

And Blancmange play Broadcast in Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street.

Remember them?

Those 80’s almost one hit wonders, well they had a couple of chart hits, but only one real biggie Livving On The Ceiling.

I loved dancing to that back in the day, even although the lyrical content is absolute nonsense!

Who cares, we were young and having fun.

If I heard it in a club today, I’d still be up there dancing to it.

Other lesser “hits” include Blind Vision and a cheesy electronic version of ABBA’s The Day Before You Came.

Just listening to that now .. see link below .. fuck me that is pish!! 🙂

I’m swithering, I’d like to see them for old times sake, but is it worth it?

Surely the fact that they are playing a Glasgow venue that I’ve never heard of before tells you something?

I wonder who would go and see them?

Fellow travellers holding on to the memories of their youth?

Hhhhmmmm .. maybe something’s are better left in the past!

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