Being The Bigger Person!

It’s been almost a week since I updated the blog .. so a wee update so its not feeling neglected.

Life just does that sometimes.

You intend to contact your friend, but before you know it, time has passed and the moment is lost.

I didn’t write anything last Friday, I was at the funeral of my Great Aunt Jean, my grampa’s youngest brothers wife and the last of her generation.

She had a good run did our Auntie Jean, 90 years of age and was smiling to the end, okay so Dementia was kicking in but she was still compus-mentis most of the time and really enjoyed it when any of her nephews came along.

Her cremation was in the same places as my mums, kind of poignant, sitting there, looking round at a lot of the same faces, dad, brothers, uncles, aunties and cousins and thiking about the amount of times my family have been in that crematorium.

But like mums, it wasn’t a sad afffair.

Lives lived long and full should be celebrated.

Obviously there was osme grief too, Jeans two daughters were quite distraught.

I wonder if they regret living so far away from her and not having a lot of contact with her despite the fact that she’s been living in a care home for the past two years? Yes, they paid for it and she had the best of care, but I know what she would have really liked.

I wonder if they meant to get in touch with her, but were too busy and the moment was lost.

I wonder if they were distraught for the loss of their mum or was guilt haivng an effect?

A bit of both I think.

A wee warning to you .. and to me too .. learn from it.

People aren’t here for ever, so contact them now, whether thats family or friends, whethertime is short oreve if there is an awkwardness between you, some perceived issue which has made communication difficult, don’t let something stupid affect the rest of your life and theirs too..

Be the bigger person, make the effort and give them a call or drop them a line.

I’m sure that they will be delighted to hear from you.

Anyhoo .. the funeral was great fun.

Yes I did say that!

A few tables full of my brothers and cousins ripping the pish out of each other .. thats what life is about.

I’m sure Auntie Jean would have loved it if she was there.

A wee song for Jean, one of her favourites and personally I think this is the best version too.

It’s just a fantastic love song, don’t apprecaite your loved ones after their gone, do it now.

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