Happy Halloween!

If you’re partying .. have a great time!!

No parties for me tonight, taking my daughters out for dinner as can’t be arsed with all the local kids including the ones you’ve never saw before coming round the door with their trick or treat begging bowls.

It defintely isn’t it like the good old days?

You did a song or told a joke and received an apple and a handful of monkey nuts in reward.

Yeah fantastic! šŸ™‚

But having kids, I entered into the sprit .. that was until a couple of years ago ..

I had about 100 goodie bags fully of crisps, sweets and a pound coin each .. I thought that was fairly generous.

The bags went down pretty well and shifted quickly.

But some little over piviledged, stuck up, fat red-haired bastard from along the street says .. “is that it?”

Ungrateful ugly little fuck .. never again I thought.

I was sorely tempted to run over the wheel of his bike the next time he left it in the middle of the street .. but that would be bad!!

A pic from last year, had a great night .. wish I was partying!

Have fun whatever you are doing!!

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