Walk On The Peaceful Side!

Sadly, Lou Reed died over the weekend, sadly, yes sadly because no matter what he did or didn’t do, he was a person, creative, outgoing, argumentative and vulnerable.

Lou’s musical career starting with The Velvet Underground and even his early solo career with Bowie was way before my time.

The earliest I can remember hearing him was when a still image version of Walk On The Wild Side was aired on Top Of The Pops around 1975.

Even in the short snippet that was shown, It was vastly different to anything else around in the charts back at the time. All that glam-rock poppy crap, the Osmonds, middle of the road, Leo Sayer, poppy shit.

It didn’t just sounded differently, basser and basic with his gravelly monotone, but the lyrical content with its overt sexuality of homo- and transexual natures was outrageous at the time.

Holly came from Miama FLA .. What does FLA mean?
Hitch-hiked her way across the USA .. Okay.
Plucked her eyebrows on the way .. Why?
Shaved her legs and then he was a she .. Eh????

Certainly had this boy paying attention and all of my mates in our formative years, intrigued but staid back in Glasgow circa 1975

I was barely a teenager at the time, but the question has to be asked. … If it was that dubious .. how come it was so popular that it made the charts?

Truth is, people like a bit of dirt, they like to play along with the dangerous side, not ever going there but they like to think they know.

Lou was often described as a musical geuius was undoubtedly a flawed character.

Oh do you think?

Well who made you God?

If you think that the man was flawed, then at least remember your own failings first before you start throwing stones.

As it happens, I do think the man was flawed, but I’m sure he had his plus points too.

Don’t we all?

But I’d never slag him off because of it and certainly not when the man isn’t even cold.

What a shocking epilogue the Daily Mail has given him today .. I’m loathe to provide a link and give them the hits, but read this, it comes across as sad, bitter and vitriolic as if there was a personal grudge involved.

Shame on them.


Although I do like their line Walk On The Peaceful side, pretty incongruous with the rest of the article but I do agree with at sentiment.

As a balance, a more positive review from the Guardian


I like his retort about how he stays creative, so do I!! 🙂

Be peaceful Lou.

One thought on “Walk On The Peaceful Side!

  1. Great post M. Lou Reed should be remembered for his influence to generations of great musicians and celebrated for inspiring some of the best songwriters of our time, without which music we grew up with wouldn’t be what it is. Certainly not mine! Bowie. Morrissey. Pete Murphy, Brett Anderson, Kurt Cobain. A few of my favourites as you know but it doesn’t stop there, the list is awe inspiring. I pity those who choose to paint geniuses like this as obnoxious, drug-fuelled or troubled rather than celebrate the emotional beauty of their songwriting. Thank god for the millions of people who can appreciate the greatness of Lou Reed far beyond his flaws. I’m proud to be one of them. Px

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