The Platform Lovers – 16 – Setup

Fiona drove down the hill towards his house.

The last time she had popped in for a cup of tea, nothing had actually happened but she was certain that she could feel the sexual tension between them.

That night as she masturbated thinking about him she wondered if he had felt it too?

Although they had been keeping in contact by email and text, she knew that she wasn’t one of his priorities and had given up. She had told her friends that she didn’t think anything further was going to happen between them.

When her phone rang at 6pm on Friday evening just when she had arrived home from work. She was surprised to see that the call was from Alex.

She was even more surprised 10 minutes later when he invited her to his home on the off chance she was free.

At first she was hesitant as she was aware that he was probably just feeling horny and he knew that she was available but then she thought .. Hey I’m horny too .. and the memories of the previous time they had fucked in the winter brought a hot flush to her cheeks.

She turned off the bath that she had started to run.

No quiet night in on her own after all!

In anticipation, she quickly squirted on some Jo Malone and brushed her teeth.

Within 30 minutes she was on route towards his house, her pulse racing and already feeling the wetness in her panties as she thought of his large cock.

She bit her bottom lip and tried to concentrate on her driving.

Ten minutes later she was at his house

They kissed as he opened the door for her and casually took her leather jacket.

They made small talk as they went through to the kitchen. He was already in the process of making dinner, not that she had expected any.

She knew the real reason why she was here.

Alex went into his downstairs bathroom, leaving the door open, continuing the conversation over his shoulder and asking if she wanted anything.

She was admiring the back of his strong shoulders and his arms, but to her surprise, he turned around without tucking himself away and asked ‘Is this what you want?”

He held his growing cock in his hand as he approached her, pushing her back towards the kitchen worktop and kissing her hard upon her lips.

She could feel his huge cock straining against her thigh as he pulled her hair back and kissed her deeply on lips.

God she was turned on…!!

He pulled her skirt up to her waist slowly sliding his fingers to the top of her thigh.

Then finding her tights and pants obstructing his path he deftly ripped her tights apart with one hand and pulled her knickers to the side.

She moved her legs apart and he plunged his fingers inside her, feeling the wetness that was increasing with each stroke.

Without asking, he flipped her over, bending her over the worktop, pulling her arms behind her back and plunging his cock deep inside her.

It felt so good!!

Within minutes of his hard rhythmic thrusting, she could feel her orgasm starting to build but suddenly he pulled out of her and ordered her to turn around and kneel on the floor and take his gorgeous cock in her throat.

God she’d missed this… He grasped the back of her head and thrust deeper, it’s girth and length filling her mouth.

What seems like a few moments later he led over to his sofa, lay her down and kneeled between her thighs fucking her against the low seat, his cock a perfect fit for wet pussy, she enjoyed watching it slide in and out as he fucked her slowly but firmly.

‘Fuck me harder’ she urged as he rubbed his finger against her throbbing clit, pushing his cock deeper and harder inside her and making her orgasm for the first time that she could remember since the last time they had been naked together.

He slowed down while she recovered, then she turned over and sat on his firm thighs and guided his cock into her pussy and rode it hard, stopping to kiss him deeply on the lips and press her clit against his shaft as she rocked back and forwards.

He urged her on and on until she could feel the pressure growing inside her until finally she couldn’t hold back any longer and came and came in waves of lust, she could feel him getting bigger then coming too but was far too lost in her own pleasure

A few moment later, they lay on the sofa together, their sweat mingling and laughing breathlessly as their breathing recovered.

“Fuck, I need that” she said as she kissed him on the cheek then rested her head on his broad shoulder.

Alex, just smiled, but didn’t say anything, he never did.

He was already thinking about tomorrows meeting between Charles and Monica and how he could best set up his recording equipment without being noticed in the restaurant.

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