I Want Your Love!

It’s Friday ….. and I’m feeling good .. 

I woke up this morning with a hard-on and a song playing in my head, Chic – I Want Your Love .. oh yes please baby!

Just met a target for delivery of current piece of work, a week early, time to chill out, headphones on, listen to friday feeel good music .. love that song .. not just the bass and Nile Rogers rhythm guitar but check the brass and those sexy vocals in the live version below.

I want your love .. I want .. your love!

Tonight, ex-works night out in town at 5pm .. oh my god .. carnage by 9 .. disaster zone by 12!

I’m going to pop in at 5 for a couple of beers then head home and take the munchkin to her mums.

Back in town for 9, probably not too clever as they’ll be on a different level .. but being a lightweight it won’t take me long to catch up.

By midnight .. who knows!!

As long as we go clubbing then I’ll be a happy bhoy!

Tomorrow .. joiner in .. last phase of the house, remainder of flooring to be laid and skirtings back on.

Celtic at home in the afternoon and we’ll take the rest as it comes!

Whatever you are doing … dance, sing and have fun!!

Everybody Dance!!


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