The Platform Lovers – 12 – Hurricane!

The moment I first set my eyes on her, I knew that I wanted her.

She appeared from the low level platform like an angel, her long blonde hair billowing in the breeze from the trains below.

Wow – I thought.

Fucking Wow!

Then I kicked myself – no chance – she’s way too attractive to be interested in me!

She came through the ticket barriers smiling and we kissed a friendly kiss on the cheek.

I didn’t want to push my luck, there was no point scaring the girl off too soon.

I knew that she was tall. She had mentioned it on a number of occasions on our phone calls which had lasted for hours most nights over the past few weeks.

Of course, I’d already known that from her profile, I could see she was tall in her pics, but you can never really tell.

Now as she takes a few steps towards me her legs look fantastic, firm, tanned and elongated by the 4 inch heels that she’s wearing. They were also very soft to touch, but I only found out about that later!

So lets not get too hung up on her legs. Not yet!

She’s gorgeous .. full stop.

Top to toe gorgeous.

We’d spoken on our emails about what we were looking for in a potential partner. I’d told her about wanting a beautiful equal, then realised I was being too serious so added a ps that I just wanted big tits and a sexy ass!

I hoped she would see that I was trying to lighten the mood and wondered how she would reply. Well we were being serious, so most of it was factual, but her ps confirmed that she had the attributes I was looking for and a sense of humour to match.

That’s the girl, serious nice stuff, then lighten the mood with what we really want!

But now, standing in front of her I can see those attributes for myself!

But its more than that .. isn’t it?

I drank her in within seconds, she really is good looking, eyes that seem to change between blue and green and a beaming smile that dimples on her cheeks when she laughs.

Her dress is sleeveless and classy, not too short and very tasteful for this summers evening.

A few minutes later and we are walking arm in arm to the restaurant, she really is stunning and I can’t believe how lucky I am to be walking down the street with this gorgeous creature on my arms.

She said – This feels surreal to be meeting you at last.

I had to agree, it did feel surreal.

We’d spoken for weeks now since we’d both came back from holiday, hours at a time of laughter and sharing our thoughts on life and personal histories.

We both have our kids to look after most of the time and this was the first opportunity that we’d had to meet as we had both been busy with one thing and the other.

If the truth be told, part of me was enjoying speaking with her so much that I didn’t want our bubble to burst by actually meeting, so there was fear of rejection and disappointment.

But we had to meet, it had to happen and I had all my fingers and toes crossed.

We arrive at the bar and I ask her what she’d like to drink, a medium white wine and for a moment I’m thinking that she’s being polite and getting ready to bail by not having a large. But then she asks for the wine to be medium dry but can you make it a large.

Now we’re sitting on bar-stools at a high table, the chat and laughter is full on and it’s much better than I had hoped for and much better than those late night phone conversations.

I can’t help myself stealing glances of her shapely figure and how toned her legs look.

30 minutes later we are showing each other phone pics of our kids, that’s when she came round and leaned against me, totally unexpectedly, she came round to let me look at her phone and leaned back on my knee.

I already had a smile on my face but how hard was it to stop my mind from wandering?

She’s clearly within my personal space and doesn’t seem to care.

My arm is around her waist, keeping her from sliding off and I can feel the firmness of her buttocks against my thigh.

My hand seems to fall naturally to her knee and I tell her how soft her skin feels.

She tells me that she moisturises twice per day and kisses me on the cheek.


The next few hours where full of chat and laughter, we were both surprised how we were meeting like old friends and both of us mentioned on a number of occasions about it being surreal to have met at last.

Never mind met, the fact that we were getting on so well was blowing me away.

That was before our first proper kiss, after dinner, walking holding hands, laughing as if there was no-one else in the world.

We pause for a second, I still can’t believe that this smart, funny, beauty finds me interesting and my cheeks are hurting from smiling so much.

She’s looking at me, smiling and wondering what I’m thinking and it seemed the most natural thing in the world to pull her towards me and kiss her tenderly like a hurricane.


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