The Platform Lovers – 11 – Sultry

The Platform Lovers – 11 – Sultry

I don’t know why, but the car park was full yesterday, I couldn’t get a space, not even in the surrounding suburban streets, everywhere was jam packed, even those dodgy little spots that you cram into if you are in a hurry, knowing that it pisses people off as they struggle to get out later, but we all do it and this is about you not them.

Whats going on I wondered? But there were no clues, just people being people.

By the time I parked back up the hill and made my way down to the station, I’d missed the 8:45 and was stuck at the station until the 9:03 arrived at 9:08, pretty infuriating when there are 4 or 5 trains whizzing by that don’t stop.

Today for some reason I was up at 5am, woke up with the tv on and still wearing yesterdays clothes. Not an every day occurrence but it’s been pretty frequent recently.

That recently being since 2001 if the truth be told, but that’s a whole other story.

Why does the Shopping Channel come on after the Horror Channel finishes?

Is it because they know that there are lots of sad bastards out there who watch tv until they fall asleep? Then they can bombard your sub-conscious brain with non-subliminal messages about how easy it is to build a garage or a new extension with “Brick -Master” or how you can quickly and decorate your house using a “Magic-Paint-Glove” instead of a roller? Funny how real decorators never seem to use that!

I’ve even found myself listening to some American woman with a hairstyle from the 80s telling me about the bra that shapes everyone perfectly, no matter what size they are and is so comfortable that you don’t know that you’re wearing it.

Okay, admittedly, that kind of perked my interest and I opened one eye to have a look. But when they started to roll out all these women who look like they haven’t spent money on a new bra since they were 24 and size 10 then it got a bit ridiculous.

But I bought one anyway! Well 2 for the price of one and only 40 quid!


This morning, it was BBC1 and the news had just started, the gorgeous, intelligent, charming Susanna Reid was telling me, yes me personally, not you, she was only telling me, about the latest troubles in Syria, just a matter of time until the Americans have some excuse to step in on a “peace-keeping mission” usually aided by their snidey little henchman the UK Government and their less brash cohorts from the UN.

The Germans, French, Italians, they don’t really want to start the fight, The Germans because they already did that and got their ass kicked twice and the French and Italians .. well because they are French and Italian!

But if the assets of another country are going to be carved up and stripped then they want their cut.

Thankfully Cameron got his ass kicked last week., but Susanna says that he’s looking for another vote, I wonder which MPs he will bribe or cajole into changing their vote? There usually a seat on the board on of some company to keep them sweet in retirement.

Don’t you know how it works?

Any excuse to send in the troops, then add in the mercenaries who look like troops but are funded by the oil companies and private individuals. They tend to do the real dirty work and keep the troops clear of the resulting dirt. Disagree or make any waves and you’re dead.

The real dirty work takes place before that, when they fund the rebels. Not that they actually want the rebels to win, they want chaos so it justifies taking action.

The objective, a puppet Government in place, so indebted to the US/UK/UN that they allow the Corporations to come in and rob their assets.

Call me cynical .. you betcha!

These bastards will rape and steal whatever they want and use Human Rights as their justification. Funny how they only play that card when it suits them?

Want a list of countries where they have ignored those rights?

Just look up Amnesty International and take away any that don’t have oil or ore.

As a matter of interest, what is happening in Nepal? Chinese Government taking over, calling it a province of China and moving in Chinese people to out-populate the indigenous Nepalese and treat them like second class citizens.

How come we aren’t calling out for their Human Rights?

Is it because China didn’t sign the treaty? Or because there is no assets to strip? Or because China has a well trained and funded army and we bottle it from the big boys?

Pretty much a lose lose situation from the US/UK/UK point of view.

But whatever way you cut it. The UK/US/UN are very selective on who they offer their “assistance” to and they really are a bunch of lying, cheating, manipulative cowards.

Susanna really does look hot this morning, pushing her dark hair from her shoulder, looking sultry in her red dress and for a moment I think about the red-lady on train and wonder which of them is the best-looking?

Anyway time I was up, making tea and playing piano with the headphones in as I don’t like to wake the munchkin at this time.

We left the house a little earlier than usual, at the time we are supposed to rather than running 10 minutes late and cutting up traffic as the school run takes me in the opposite direction to the station.

Fortunately we’re more relaxed this morning, I even had time to iron a shirt.

Not that there wasn’t lots of shirts hanging up in the wardrobe, just none that I wanted to wear and fitted the purpose of being smart enough for work and casual enough to go out straight afterwards.

The car-park was full again, but I got the last space before the dodgy parts where you can fit in if you don’t mind being half-parked up on grass and having to dodge the bushes to open the door or climb out the other side.

Even the station was full, whats happening? Has something changed?

Looks like I’m going to start getting up early every morning, fuck this.

I saunter along to the far end of the platform, so that I can get on my usual carriage. Grabbing a metro and checking my phone for messages and emails. Just the usual shit and an invitation to a 40th party from one of my mates.

A few minutes later the rock-couple come down the platform holding hands and looking happy, much happier than the last time I saw them.

Good for them.

PS – Just found out that the lovely Susanna is going to be on the new Series of Strictly Come Dancing starting the Saturday .. I know what I’ll be watching!


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