Psycho Killer?

Tonight David Byrne of Talking Heads fame plays The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

I’ve got tickets in my usual seats, you know the ones, front row of the terrace, great view of the stage and handy for the bar.

David was born in Dumbarton/Clydebank on the outskirts of Glasgow but left Scotland as a child,

I was first aware of him as a tenager around 1980 when I was a fan of New Wave music, something which has never really left me.

I remember being amazed by the video for Once In A Lifetime when it first appeared on Top Of The Pops.

I thought, who is this crazy dude and went out and bought the Talking Heads album Remain In Light, produced by Brian Eno of Roxy Music fame.

Davids voice and the sound of the band were like nothing else going around at that time.

Having read his autobiogaphy and David claiming to be a borderline sufferer of Asperger Syndrome, I can understand where he gets his lateral vew on life and what set him apart from the rest.

Tonight his tour feature his latest work with a female artist St Vincent who he has collaborated with recently.

Having played some of those new songs, I’m not too impressed.

Particularly having looked at his setlists for his recent gigs were they are so highly featured.

So I’m a little more hesitant about the gig now than when I booked the tickets.

But I will enjoy the Talking Heads songs that feature and can only wish thayt he plays Psycho Killer.



PS – Well done the Glasgow Celtic, fantastic result last night, 3-0 win and we are through to the group stages of The Champions League.

One thought on “Psycho Killer?

  1. A very intelligent, conceptual musician. Loved Talking Heads (still do) and persevered with some of his early solo stuff (recall some Spanish or Cuban influence?) but would be lying if I said I regarded him as a current musician. Hope he gives a good performance tonight. Incidentally we share a birthday (but sadly no musical talents)!! Px

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