I Have A Dream – Let The People Sing!

50 years ago today, Martin Luther King made one of the most famous speeches of all time and it almost didn’t happen.

MLK was reading his prepared text to a large but restless audience on the March On Washington Demonstration on August 28th 1963.

Realising things weren’t going too well, Mahalia Jackson, a supporter and well-known Gospel singer leaned over the podium and said

“Tell them about the dream,Martin,tell them about the dream”

At that point, Mr King put down his prepared text and spoke from the heart.

A “wings of a butterfly” moment in history, all because of a single sentence of advise.

The following is the transcrpt of the MLK speech where you can spot this change in tack and happens at 12 minutes into the speech in the video below.

From that moment, the speech changed from a somewhat factual but boring monlogue, to a rousing emotive, uplifting moment that undoubtedly changed history for the better.


Tonight, my football team face Shakhter Karagandy in the second leg of the UEFA Champions Leage qualifying round.

We are already down 2-0 from the first leg in Kahistan and it will take effort and ability for Celtic to qualify.

This game is worth a minimum of 30 million pounds to the club, much needed cash in the current climate.

Coincidentally, one of my teams favourite songs is Let The People sing a beautiful protest song, born in the days of the African American Civil rights moment, a song that I sing with warmth and gusto.


For those who are in love
There’s a song that’s warm and tender.
For those who are oppressed
In song you can protest.
So liberate your minds
And give your soul expression.
Open up your hearts,
I’ll sing for you this song.

Let the people sing their stories and their songs
And the music of their native land
Their lullabies and battlecries and songs of hope and joy
So join us hand in hand
All across this ancient land
Throughout the test of time
It was music that kept their spirits free
Those songs of yours and of mine

Tonight .. I have a dream!

3 thoughts on “I Have A Dream – Let The People Sing!

  1. Great post M. We should all have a dream. May yours and mine come true. Enjoy the game tonight. X
    ps – that was an odd occurance on the train last night, sounds like someone you used to work with but not like you to not remember where or when. Bizarre.

    1. Thanks P,

      My dream worked pretty well last night.

      A last minute winner and we are through to the Champions League proper.

      The woman on the train didn’t know me at all in the story or in reality.

      I must have a doppelgänger out there!


      1. Yes, I managed to see all the game as got Iain to pick up Alex from gymnastics. Was a brilliant game and great result. So chuffed I got to see it all with my bhoy. I’ll send you an ace pic I took of him before the match.


        ps – Two of you, god help us!!!! 🙂

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