Open Plan Changes!

As you may be aware, I’ve had the buiilders in I’ve been making changes to my house.

I’ve attached a few pics of my house .. before and after I’ve made the changes.

Its been a hell of a bit of work, but we’re getting there and this week after the decorator is in and the flooring is down it wil be more or less finished.

The first linke below is the before part, I’ve marked in black everything that I wanted to go.

ie ..

The wall between the living room and dining room as didn’t want to 2 dining tables
The window in dining room to be replaced by glass door
The door in the breakfast area replaced to match
The oven unit in the kitchen I wanted shifted to make the space more open.
Joiner was giving me grief on this, said I’d need a new kitchen, but I perservered.

Then took a maddy and knocked the wall between the living room and dining down to make it all open plan all the way through.,

The space is massive and there is a fantastic amount of light.

Once the new flooring is down this week then it will be amazing .. still working out where to put things!

And there will be lots of space for my new piano!

You can see my garden and that there is nothing behind me, I get the sun all day long and its west facing so the sun faces into the house in the afternoon and the evening which is perfect for BBQs etc.

The builder is trying to flog me a sun-room to go across both of the patio doors, I’ve been to see his and it looks fantastic.

But I don’t really need the space.

I’m looking forward to getting it all finished, then placing the furniture around, Last weekend I put a big tv up in the wall with all the wires concealed, I think it looks fab.



Wall between dining room and brekfast are area removed
Window in dining room replaced by glass doo
Patio Door in kitchen replaced

Wall between Dining room and Living Room Down
Radiators removed and replaced against wall
Door to hall covered up
Oven Unit in Kitchen turned and moved against window,
TV Mounted in Wall without visible cables

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