Nurse! Nurse!

Back in 1990 this lttle bundle of joy arrived in my world.

The midwife asked me if I wanted to cut the cord, which I proudly did.

She then wrapped her in a towel and gave her to me to hold while the docs looked after my ex-wife Alison.

I walked around the ward marvelling at the fact that I had a little girl, Laura, healthy and cute and good-looking like her mum.

Having a girl seemed all the more remarkable as I’m the eldest of 5 sons and thought I’d never have a daughter.

My mum was delighted because after having all those boys of her own she had a grand-daughter to spoil.

Back then my son Steven was one year old and this birth was much less stressful than Lauras, so Alison and Laura were back home wihin 2 days and we spent the next week doing all the things that mums and dads do with new babies.

Laura, aged 2 days old, did something that has become family legend .. she crapped all over me!!

Now my wee girl is almost 23 .. 23 bloody hell.

Those years have had their ups and downs, particularly around the period when Laura was 14 and Alison and I were separating.

She hated me then and I still have the note to prove it.

She is my middle child, my problem child, not the eldest and not the baby.

She is strong, independent and fiery and doesn’t suffer fools.

( Search for Laura on the bar at the side and there will be a few stories about her )

My wee girl has grown into a fine strong young woman.

I’ve been there anytime she needed me for advice, cuddles, encouragement, taught her to drive, been the Bank Of Dad when necessary.

All those dark days of her early teens are long since forgotten.

A few weeks ago, she qualified as a Nurse, but times ae hard and jobs are in high demand.

But today she has just called me to tell me that one of the big Glasgow hospitals had just called her and she is starting as Stroke and Alzhiemers nurse in the next few weeks once she goes through their occupational health checks.

They told her that they had interviewed 40 and she was the stand-out candidate.

How proud am I?

Well done Laura, I knew you could do it.

Thats my Stroke and Alzhiemers worries taken care of …. Bonus!!


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