The Dilemma Of Beauty

!What would you choose?

Someone good looking and dull or someone reasonable looking and exciting?

You’ve met these 2 women, lets call them Karen and Alison, not that they actually exist, this is hypothetical .. honest!!

A friend of mine once met these 2 girls …

Dear doctor .. this friend of mine has this rash on his …

Anyhoo …

Karen is stunningly attractive, tall, shapely, good looking, friendly and undoubtedly desirable to every man on the look-out.

But as you’ve got to know each other a little better, she is never really available, possibly on other dates and is actually a bit dull as she is very shallow, her musical taste doesn’t go beyond the top 40 and she enjoys watching soap-operas most evenings.

Alison on the other hand is a nice looking girl … “nice” .. What a boring description.

Not that she’s ugly, far from it, but not that she’s particularly good looking either.

She’s kind of average in the looks department .. a plain jane if thats not too insulting.

But Alison is good fun, a good laugh, you have lots of common interests, love the same sort of music, go to lots of the same gigs and you enjoy spending time chatting with her.

But for all those laughs etc .. you just don’t fancy her .. you just don’t.

You’ve tried to think past the obvious “beauty is only skin deep” but in reality, although there has to be beauty within the person .. there has to be some sort of beauty on the outside too.

There absolutely has to be physical attraction.

So who would you choose? If you had that choice.

Where would you invest your time?

Spending time and energy chasing someone good looking and dull which might be eventually fruitless as she’s interested in someone better looking than you are and probably just as dull?

Or spend time having fun with someone you like that likes you but who you don’t find attractive?


ps – it is actually hypothetical .. seriously!


One thought on “The Dilemma Of Beauty

  1. if you chose karen you will end up bored out you brains and constantly wondering when she’ll leave you for another guy.
    if you chose Alison you wont have to pretend you share interests. you will have fun and you can be yourself.
    beauty is only skin deep and having someone you click with is priceless. attraction may develope but having a real friend who cares about you is much more important than appearances.

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