Breaking Bad – From Glasgow!

Hey .. its the weekend!!

This Sunday the first of the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad are shown in the USA.

Thankfully saving me finding an illegal download site, Netflix is showing them 24 hours behind in the UK … Yaay!!

I don’t watch a lot of tv, but this show had me riveted with its descent of the mild mannered Walt to become the drug baron Helsinborg, not only does the story have wonderful dark humour, but is fantastically shot with a great soundtrack.

At this point Walts has taken control of the drug empire, his wife Skyler has shown him how much money he has made, then as he retires, his brother-in-law DEA agent Hank has just realised that the drug-baron he seeks has been under his nose the full time.

Just noticed that the actress Laura Fraser who plays Lydia the Logistics manager who distributes the drugs to the global users is actually from good old Glasgow …. Go Laura!!

I’ve no idea how this is going to pan out, and neither did the cast apparently .. but one thing I know is that its going to be a roller-coaster.

Can’t wait!

If you don’t have Netflix in the UK and don’t see the reason to pay the subscription .. this justifies it alone.

The second clip below where Walter is diagnosed with cancer and faces his fear and changes his life is one of the most tragic yet inspirational monologues I’ve ever heard.

Fear is the enemy. Face it, Conquer it

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