Cruising – You Can’t Go Back!

Back again ..

Sitting at my desk on a grey Glasgow Monday, looking out my window over Blytheswood Square as dark clouds envelop the city, it’s not raining yet, but it’s on its way.

?The Deacon Blue song Raintown is playing in my head ..

“It’s a rain dirt town job hurts but it don’t pay”

I’m sitting here wishing that I was back cruising the Med, visiting interesting places and lying in the sun all day.

Let me start with .. Royal Caribean cruises are fantastic .. Full stop!

My 3 kids ( 24, 22 and 15) and I had the most amazing time, we were looked after from start to finish, fantastic food, all the cocktails or beers you ever imagined and fabulous entertainment.

But you could get all that with a 5 star hotel too?

The difference is, that you don’t get to see all the exotic places that you only ever heard of in history books or glossy magazines.

Rome, Sicily, Athens, Kusidasi, Ephesus, Crete.

All those places from the ancient world steeped in history and legend, wandering round crowded ancient streets, The Vatican, Colliseum, Pantheon, The Acropolis, Temple of Zeus far too many to name.

Then back onto your 5 star haven, watching the ship depart, lying in the sun with the waiter bringing cocktails .. magic.

Dressing up for silver service 4-course dinners, my son in I wearing hired tuxedos for the formal nights.

The entertainment at night was first class, everything from salsa dancing, nightclubs, piano bars and broadway shows .. then heading to the all night cafe and filling up on pizza slices .. cos we were somehow hungry!!

I’ve never had all of that in any 5 star hotel I’ve ever been to.

The only downside to the holiday … No freely available internet access, it was expensive and only available in certain areas.

But .. that turned out to be a good thing too as it meant my kids and I spent time together rather than them disappearing to chat with their friends on messenger or facebook etc.

The other downside .. we are now spoiled for any hotel based holiday .. it just wouldn’t be the same.

As we visitied the various ports along the way, seeing other cruise lines and speaking to a few travellers about their experiences, Royal Caribean are definitely the best, with the most modern ships and best service.

I am totally delighted with my holiday experience and cannot fault it in the slightest.

Right, serious diet starts today .. that weight I lost beforehand has all reappeared .. somehow!! 🙂

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