T In The Park Residents!!

Sooo … how was T In The Park?

Fan-add your explitive of choice -tastic!!

T In The Park 2013 was the most amazing experience.

Just home and feeling so chilled out that I can’t wait to do it all again!

4 days in the Scottish sunshine, can you believe that . no rain for 4 days?

I’m golden brown and smiling like a trippy hippy.

My only disappointment was it took me all these years to go to a music festival.

Right .. serious time.

The pod we booked was shit and I mean shit, a glorified dog-kennel. Much smaller than it looked on the web, we should have checked the measurements. But lesson learned, we won’t be doing that again.

To be fair, the pod staff were nice, lots of free tea and coffee, it was just that we couldn’t stand up in the place and that the beds were tiny.

There were lots of people who were happy with that set up, probably still good value for money and far superior to the tented experience I’ll describe below plus having access to all of the facilties of The Residence.

Fortunately, as we arrived on Thursday night ahead of the curve, we were able to upgrade to a huge Belle Tent with proper beds, Egyptian sheets and normal electrical plugs, which wasn’t much use to us as we hadn’t brought anything, but those nice people at Yurtel supplied us with a kettle.

Yurtel website

The Residence .. as the posh camping area is known .. is a fantasticlly wonderful, chilled out place with most imporantly lots of space to lie around sunbathing in the grass listening to the DJ mixing the tunes.

All the basics were covered, proper toilets and showers, no queues and great food at prices lower than the main arena.

In addition to the above, purchasing a ticket to The Residence gives you access to the VIP area at the far end of the main arena near the main stage with its proper loos, decent food and sheltered grassy area away from the mad crowds outside.

By contrast, my friends son was staying in the camping site which looked like a Cambodian Refugee Tent Village only worse.

At first it looked fine, then as more people arrived there was no space between the tents, overlapping guy-ropes etc.

Thats okay, if you’re 20 something and don’t care .. until someone steals your sleeping bag while you are in the main arena and later while you are sleeping on the ground, you are rudely awakened by someone pissing on your tent.

But worse, the toilet and shower facilities were shocking, huge queues to go in a smelly box .. lets not go there.

If you ever go … Reside .. do not camp.

Oh yeah .. there was a lot of music playing too .. see the link in my previous blog. but my personal highlights are …

Friday .. the show was opened by The Proclaimers .. the proverbial Scottish band often wheeled out for these occasions such as football or rugby cup-finals, anything where you want the crowd fiured up behind the team … but you know what .. these guys havne’t lasted the dinstance for nothing. They know how to get a crowd going and having not heard it for a long while Sunshine on Leith brought a tear to this old somewhat cynical eye.

“Your beauty and kindness, made tears clear my blindess
While I’m worth my room on this earth, I will be with you”

Quickly followed by Texas doing lots of hits and plugging the nerw album.

Emili Sandie, how many singles must have that girl have off her album? Go buy it. She can sing, play and looks beautiful.

Staeve Mason at the smaller Transmission stage was impressive, will probably buy his album. Or at least give it a listen on iTunes and then decide.

The closing acts all simulteneously were Mumford and Sons, CAlvin Harris and Kraftwerk. My choice was Kraftwerk but was outnumbered!

Calvin Harris .. light show. .. huge bass .. could have been a club anywhere .. personally I found it boring and full of neds/yobs/chavs .. but they seemd to enjoy it .. so we left them to it.

Mumford and sons .. talented musicians but far too same-ish for me. But a few great songs in there that had the crowd jumping.

Guess how drunk I was on the way home … 3/10 .. just chilled was a good day.

Saturday .. lay iun the sun .. first act James Arthur from the X-Factor on at 1ish. So we skipped that.

The Fratellis another fine Scottish band got the crowd going, all my favourites including Whislte For The Choir and Chelsea Dagger.

Then Deacon Blue .. too many hits to list here, but my favoruites were Loaded, Fergus Played The Blues and Dignity, .. Rikki Ross made a point of thanking the young crowd for being so welcoming, but in reality, the youngsters were down the front, the oldies ( like me) were up the back and we sang every word. Even the yougsters beside us were singing and dancing along, so many forgotten hits from these Scottish Legends.

Which reminds me …. Deacon Blue are playing The Hydro when it opens soon .. they just put their tickets right up my priority list.

If you happened to be Scottish and were around in the 80s for their Raintown album .. go get them!

The Lumineers – a band I’d never heard before .. chilled proper musicans and a cool experssive lead singer, I’m downloading their album later.

Paloma Faith .. cool lady, saw her before, she’s whacky but the girl is talented.

The Script .. were never favourites, I had thought they were over hyped and wondered what all the fuss was about. But I was wrong, Danny can rock a crowd, he’s a mix between the Robbie Williams and Bono. Serious, fun, audacious and completely self assured. When he asked for some girl with an ex-boyfriend to pass him their phone then called the guy and sang to him .. some song about not needing you and having moved on … fantastic .. he had the crowd going wild. Especially the women but thats not hard with his Celtic good looks.

Headline time .. the crowd waited .. and waited .. Rhianna was due anytime .. anytime.

And was it worth the wait .. Was it feck!

She lip-synched or at least as the mike was live she appeared to be singing over her own vocals on backing track. Okay so we get that it can be hard to sing in tune while your dancing but you were only shaking your ass and every other person was doing it.

The first 40 minutes were boring, Rhianna being overtly sexual, pleasing the wee girls next to me with her childish lyrics about licking the cream of the lollipop .. but simultenously the least sexy women in the venue.

Sexy isn’t being overt .. its being discreet, mysterious, anticipating .. she has a lot to learn including how to sing properly.

To be fair .. the last 30 minutes of her singles had the place jumping.

If you don’t want to dance to We Found Love in a Hopeless Place .. then check your pulse and call a paramedic.

Saturday was a fab day .. came home chilled, tired and was out like a light. Drunk factor 3/10 again.

Sunday .. for me Sunday was always going to be the biggie based on the line-up and it didn’t disappoint.

The day start of with the soul and funk legends that are Earth Wid and Fire .. 3 of the original members who have been together playing for 41 years and wow can they still play some grooves. Lead vocalist Maurice White still has a wonderful gravelly soul voice which has probably only got better with time.

We got there slightly late, quite a big turn-out for them so were at the back, dancing aroudn with a mix of oldies and youngsters alll having a ball and singing along with all the hits. Maurice had the crowd going, just a favbulous feel good experience and was delighted to hear September .. it made my day.

We sat in the grass at the back of the huge crowd for Ocean Colour Scene, Rita Ora and Two Door Cinema club,.

Ocean Colour Scene, 25 years on the go, know how to rock a stadium.
Rita Ora, still can’t in awe that she’s attained fame so soon, grateful to be here and put on a show.
Two door Cinema Club. I only knew one of their songs, but found their songs too similar and written ot a formula.

Then it was time to head down to King Tuts Wah-Wah Hut for the act I was probably looking forward to most of all. Johhny Marr, guitarist with The Smiths, The The, Electronic, The Cribs, Johnny Marr And The Healers.

He’s on his own now, but this man has played guitar r produced too many songs to list, personal higlights from last night include, Getting Away With It, Stop Me, Big-Mouth Strikes Again, There is A Light That Never Goes Out, How Soon is Now

The crowd singing along to the latter song there … was a near religous expoerience.

“I am human and I need to be loved
just like everybody else does”

Love it.

Then back to the main arena for the closing headliners .. Stereophoinics and The Killers.

Steophonics were fab, I’ve saw them a few times, maybe to many times, but they had the huge crowd singing along with Have A Nice Day and up on their feet dancing for my favourite of theirs Dakota.

The closing act The Killers … hhhmmm fantastic and disappointing. I I saw them twice last year as noted in this blog at the time. both time then they were fantastic .. but this time they seemed to play a few fillers which had the crowd slump a little.

Loved their slight acoustic version of Human before it came back and hit us full on and the crowd were on their feet.

All the hits were there for the big finish and e went home smiling .. drunk factor .. 0/10 .. I was driving.

Fortunately the other benefit of being at The Residence is you have a separate exit and on the motorway in 5 minutes and back home in under an hour.

Sooo .. in summary .. I had a wonderful chilled-out time, great food, just the right amount of booze, dancing and singing to lots of my favouite music.

if you are 40+ and thought that music festivals were for youngsters.

Sure they are .. but they are for us oldies too .. so get out there and do it.

But book The Residence and do it in style!

See you there next year!

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