Lady Helen, Dad And Burt Bacharach!

Saturday, I took my dad for dinner and a few drinks in Edinburgh then to see Burt Bacharach at the Usher hall.

Let me say this .. FANTASTIC!!

So many songs of my lifetime that I had forgotten he wrote. Check out the setlist here.

One of the vocalists,  the gorgeous Josie James sang Anyone Who Had A Heart .. my mums favourite, me and my dad both had a tear in our eyes.

But …. guess what ….

I met a lady on Saturday night.

I mean a proper lady.

Helen, very petite, dancer petite, with her white blonde hair and sparkley blue eyes.

She came in on her own and sat next to my dad and I, in the front row of the Grand Circle at the Burt Bacharach concert.

She moved very graceefully in her ballet slippers, wearing a silk coat, one of those oriental prints, not fashionable but suited her.

Before the concert she was telling us about having seen Burt every time he plays Glasgow or Edinburgh because he was her husbands favourite.

Then she sat there and cried some happy tears, this beautiful spritely 80 year old lady.

She and my dad got on like a house on fire ..and quietly sang every word as predicted .. the singing not the quietly!

After the concert we walked Helen outside where her cab was waiting and she disappeared into the night.

But for a couple of hours, Helen, Dad, Burt and I had a real ball.

And yes there were a few tears!!

Last night, sat in on my own and played piano and watched Glastonbury!!

The Rolling Stones, immense as usual, how much do I want them to tour again?

By chance, earlier, I had heard Alicia Keyes play Wild Horses. so I taught myself it on piano.

What a fantastic song, but the Stones’s original is much much better!

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