Take The Money And Talk!


Monday again .. You might have noticed about my contract being terminated then re-offered and my being pissed off with the non-EU workers they have been shipping into this place by the barrowload.

It’s some govenment work-place when it doesn’t employ UK workers first and foremost.

As you know I’ve had a bit of a dilemma about accepting the contract extension .. cos they have pissed me off.

So as a principle, I knocked it back last week .. they asked why, so I told them.

A – I’m taking on increased responsibilities with my new project.
B – My role is now designer than developer .. it’s actually both but I’m selling myself!
C – My skill-set is in demand and the new non-EU workers can’actually t do it
D – I’ve been here a year and know their exisintg data-model and processes.

So .. they’ve came back and gave me a rise of 50 quid per day.

Right, so I’m a working guy and I need the bucks, but do you think accepting it will buy my silence?

Deal done .. I’m here for another 3 months with another 3 on the back burner.

But .. do you think I’m letting this non-EU worker thing drop?

Am I hell.

This employment practics is illegal and if we don’t stand up for ourselves then we will bb over-run..

So I’m still talking.

I’m not accepting UK workers being binned and their positions being sold off to non-EU workers who cannot actually do the same level of work and with whose baisc communication skills are less than satisfactory.

Current plan is to get to my next MP’s surgery meeting but if I don’t get a favourable response, then I intend to promote this with groups that I often find less than savoury ( UKIP, SDL, EDL ) whom I don’t necessary agree with but who will at least do something about it because they don’t cow-tow to the established party politics.

Last weeks dilemma here.


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