Dilemma – Take The Offer or Walk?

If you read my post a few weeks ago where my contract was initially extended then cancelled then you will appreciate my frustration with my current employer .. not that I’m on their books as I’m actually self-employed but you get the drift.


My employer is a UK Govenment owned company, a bank, in the centre of Glasgow. They employ many contractors like me, but have recently decided to outsource the work which is a legitimate business decision.

My issue is that they are bringing in non-EU employees bypassing the EU employment regulations and the UK migration laws when perfectly capable UK /EU employees are available.

Well since the last post, the 2 non-EU out-sourced employees have started working in my team.

Nice enough guys, I don’t have any problems with them in particular.

Just the fact that they don’t live in the country, they don’t even live in the EU .. so how come myself and my fellow UK contractors are being binned?

It’s not as if UK/EU workers aren’t available.

My job is very technical and has a number of components to it.

1- Database Design – Designer 2000 – The entities and structures which hold the data.
2 – File Interfaces – Pro*C and SQL – The communication between external bodies including HMRC
3 – Internal Data Processing – PL/SQL – Integrating the newly received data with existing structures.
4 – User Interfaces – Forms Designer – For manipulation of the data by the call centres etc.

Well surprise surprise, it turns out the new guys can only do the PL/SQL which I’m sure they are very good at but they cannot do the other technical interfaces.

Would it be petty if I had a wee snigger right now?

Yes you know it would but fuck it .. laugh away .. I didn’t .. I’m above that!! 🙂

So now they’ve changed their minds and offered me a 3 month contract .. and I’m in a real tizzy.

As I’ve always said, I only work for a living and treat it with healthy distain.

I’d rather be on a beach.

But they have made this personal, they binned me without thinking it through and I am not a happy bhoy.

So I’m looking elsewhere, got a couple of applications for other work on the go.

If I get anything else they can ram their offer where the sun don’t shine.

But in the meantime, I have a dilemma, do I take the offer against my principles .. or walk?

Either way, I’m still blowing the whistle and have already started looking at my MP’s website for his surgery dates.

Remember this is a UK Government owned bank in Glasgow .. they are binning not just me, but a stack of other UK employees to bring in non-UK .. in fact non-EU employees by the back-door and no-one seems to want to do anything about it.

Well I do .. it goes against my principles to do nothing.

This is us today, it could be you tomorrow.

To paraphrase Edmund Burke – All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

So do something.

If you are in the UK .. complain .. contact me I will tell you who the organisation is .. then contact your MP.

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