What Can A Poor Boy Do?

Friday ….. Whoo-Whoo!!!

Guess what I’m doing tonight?

Rock’n’rolling all night long?

Strutting my stuff, with the one, the only, the rock-a-billy, trouser-tastic, quivering shiverin, lock up your hivering Sheikhs?


Could it be a night of dancing and debauchery with a willing damsel in absolutely no distress?

I wish!!

But no, I’m taking my god-father and my auntie to see Joe Longthorne at the Pavilion.

Old-Skool Classic British variety at its best … if you are 70++

It was my Uncle Eddie’s birthday a few weeks ago and I bought him the tickets as a surprise.

Fortunately my only duty is to drop them off and pick them up .. not my kind of gig.

But tomorrow .. Primal Scream and The Stone Roses are playing Glasgow Green.

How much do I want to go …

Unfortunately family commitments don’t really allow it .. so probably not going to make it.

But … thinking of bailing out early to get to the gig.

What can a Poor Boy do?

Sing with me ….

One thing i have to say
Before i have to go
Be careful with your seed
You will reap just what you sow
Oh yeah!
What can a poor boy do?
You better go back to your mama
She’ll take care of you

Country girl take my hand
Lead me through this diseased land
I am tired i am weak i am worn
I have stole i have sinned
Oh my soul is unclean
Country girl got to keep on keeping on

Full lyrics here ..

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