Gorgeous But Not For You!

She got on the lift at the 4th floor, heading down.

She had been standing 10 foot from the door, this highly attractive blonde woman.

Attractive, but God does she know it and she wants everyone else to know it too.

I sized her up in a nano-second, 5’3, cute, 30ish, deliberately tousled hair.

Of course it was deliberate, this level of attraction never happens by accident.

She’s size 12 on top and 10 below, probably a B cup, but she looks like a C with the bra she’s wearing underneath her clingy petrol blue dress.

I can see the padding at the sides pushing her breasts up and forward.

Nice, but in my personal opionion, she would actually be nicer without, its always a bit of a disappointment when you see the goods.

Better if you know whats up front upfront.

If you know what I mean?

She wiggles her cute little ass over to the enclosed space of the lift.

Her dress hugs her figure with each step, the lines moving like a wave.

She is hot!

The lift is only 6 foot by 6 foot. there’s nowhere else to stand except close to me and I’m the only other person here.

I’m standing at the back, on the left hand side, facing the door. Giving any new arrivals lots of personal space.

She gets in but doesn’t turn around.

I don’t even think she’s noticed me, or if she has, she’s already dismissed me as being no value to her.

She stands a foot in front of me to my right hand side, looking at the mirror behiond me.

She’s pursing her lips to check the gloss which looks as if its just been applied to her ruby lips a few moments before.

She smiles at herself, obviously content with her look, then runs her hands down the sides of her dress, making sure there are no creases in the material.

Then to my surprise, like a dancer, she suddenly pops her left leg to the side, points her right hand in the air, slowly lowers it towards her reflection, pouts her lips and drawls “You are Gorgeoussss!!”

I’m smiling, fuck it I think, I’ve been checking her out from my peripheral vision but now I can’t hide it.

She turns and stands against the right hand wall, facing towards me.

I’m still smiling.

“Did you like that?” She asks.

“I never noticed, but thanks for the compliment!”

3 thoughts on “Gorgeous But Not For You!

    1. Thanks P

      But this really happened today.


      Well okay, a very good looking girl as desribed more or less. got in the lift and she preened herself in the mirror.

      Then she turned around and bit her nails all the way to the ground floor.

      But that doesn’t sound as good!!

      Glad you liked


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