Blowing the Whistle On UK Government Bypassing EU Working Practices and Immigration Control.

Right, where do I start?

The beginning, I suppose, lets just get the facts out there and we can go from there.

I work for a large govenment bank in Glasgow., I can’t tell you the name, but its a company 100% owned by the govenment and is not those failed banks RBS or Lloyds TSB.

I’m a “consultant”, what I do is design/redesign their banking systems, currently their core loan system of 8 million customers and 200 billion of debt owed to the UK taxpayer .. thats your money and mine.

I’ve been here almost a year on rolling 3 month contracts on a project which has now came to an end.

I’ve recently transferred to another project and have 4 weeks remaining on my current contract.

All good I thought, there’s at least 6 months work in this for me.

So I plodded on, what I do is very technical and very specialised, you can’t walk off the street and do my job.

I was told by my Project Manager that I would have another 3 month contract and then another 3 after that.


But .. and this is why I was so pissed off on Monday.

On Monday I get a call from my agency telling me that my contract is not being renewed and thanks for all my good work.

That despite being on another project and my manager telling me I had another 6 months work ahead.

So how come I hear you ask? What changed?

Well thats what I wanted to know.

It seems that the company is no longer employing independent contractors, but is now employing contractors through a couple of outsourcing companies who will supply the employees who will work on the banks projects.

Fair enough I though .. thats business .. but this is not what is pissing me off.

Having looked a little deeper, these outsourcing companies are non-UK and not even EU.

I’ve been told that despite my contract being terminated, there are 2 non-EU citizens being brought in the project to do my work.

Not only is this bypassing the EU laws on working practice and migration.

But from a financial point of view, the outsourcing company charges 150% of my daily rate for each of them.

So thats 3 times my contract rates to bring in 2 non-EU citizens to do my role.

Note that this isn’t just affecting myself. It’s a strategic change from the top and affecting many UK contractors who are employed here in varying roles.

And you will be paying for these guys.

Am I raging?


It’s just wrong .. wrong and I’m not going to let anger get in the way of doing something constructive about it.

So where do I blow this whistle?

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