Open Plan Living!

Big changes afoot this weekend. This is the weekend I’m putting through my house modernisations.

I live in a large modern house, built in a traditional style, but with modern facilities such as en-suites, better insulation etc.

When I moved in I liked that it had 2 dining rooms .. yeah I know!

One was the breakfast room attached to the kitchen, where we eat most of the time and the other a more formal dining room which I only ever use when I have people over or at Christmas and the like .. apart form it housing my keyboard.

The change should make the house more open plan and really light particularly as I have the sun behind me all day and its already bright.

I also have no-one living behind me and protected woodland .. its very private.

I’m really looking forward to the changes .. although its going to be a nightmre while it happens!!

I’ve put a breakdown of the work thats happening this weekend .. phase 1 below.

Phase 2 is later when I have a chance to get used to phase 1 being in place and decide if I need it.

The sunroom would be fab .. I don’t need the space

But I love the thought of it


Phase 1
Kitchen redesign, small wall at back of oven and microwave removed.
Oven unit moved 90 degrees against outside wall .. opens up space.
Taking the wall down between breakfast room and dining room.
Side of wall removed in dining room .. one metre long to breakfat toom.
Large window in dining room, rmoved, walll down and replaced with glass door.
Existing patio door in breakfast replaced with door matching above.
Reflooring of kitchen, hall, utility, breakfast and dining rooms.

Phase 2
A large sunroom ( 6mx 4m) outside which will cover both patio doors.

Kitchen Changes and Breakfast room wall being removed
Dining room side of wall removed and window being replaced by door
The other part of the wall being removed to make it more spacious
View From my main lounge looking to the back






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