How Popular Is Your Birthday?

Yesterday on the way home from work I listened to Simon Mayo’s Drivetime show on Radio 2.

Simon usually puts on a great show, full of interesting music and chat and I particularly enjoy the daily confessions.

There is usually daily homework question where some kid asks a difficult question which doesn’t have an obvious answer.

Yesterday’s was essentially .. How popular is your date of birth?

A listener who works for Ikea called in with some statistics and indicated that their analysis is that the last couple of weeks in September have the most birthdays.

I was intrigued by this and thought I’d investigate on my system of 8 million UK customers of various ages.

As you can see, the hypothesis holds true and the highest frequencies are at the end of September and also around Christmas time.

The reasons behind the September peak are apparently due to the 40 weeks previous and the Christmas party effect!

The good ol’ Christmas spirit .. you can’t beat it!!

As for the Christmas peak, there’s the proof that when winter turns to spring then love is in the air!

Note – The discussion can be found at the following link about 1:37 into the show.



3 thoughts on “How Popular Is Your Birthday?

    1. Thanks P,

      Thought you might like that.

      My assumption had been that they would have averaged out more or less the same.

      But interesting to see that September and Christmas are the most popular.

      We probably could have guess that already but good to see the numbers in black and white.

      Hope all well with you


      1. Yes I would have assumed peak at certain times of year.

        I’m great. Enjoying this sunshine!! Tan coming on great. Sitting out now, am at a black tie dinner tonight and want to look good in my LBD 😉

        Hope you’re good too? Actually, I’ve been roped into going to Scot Gov meet tmrw morning in Edin, back into Glasgow around 12. Give me a shout if you fancy buying me lunch.


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