Scary Cat Woman!!

Scary Cat Woman, thats how I will always think of her.

Thats my lingering memory from the time we spent together,

I met her one Friday night, our eyes met as we both walked to the bar.

She was 10 yards away and side on to me, she was facing towards the bar as I walked towards it but facing towards her left side.

It was her hair that first caught my eye, long and dark, she pushed it to the side as she was walking and briefly turned my way.

She noticed that I was looking at her and she smiled, maybe because I was smiling already, but I wasn’t aware of that at the time.

In that brief moment in which our eyes were locked, I could tell that she had a nice face, but there was something kind of odd about it in a quirkey way. It was as if she had all the right parts, but something didnt’quite fit right, although not at all unpleasant.

She turned away and a few steps later, she was at the bar, but in those few steps I’d mentally undressed her. She’s 5’6 but around 5’9 in her heels. size 14, top and bottom with her waist proportunate to her other measurements.

She’s not a big girl, but womanly, she has a shape and curves in all the right places.

She undulated as she walked, her curves like weights on a taut spring, each step was followed by a time lag as her breasts moved this way and the other. Her wrap-around dress held her figure, the V line at the front possibly showing a little too much cleavage.

Is there such a thing as too much cleavage?

Somewhere in my head, my inner schoolboy was thinking … Wow!

Of course there is such a thing as too much cleavage, of course, don’t kid yourself that guys are only interested in the biggest breasts possible, that would be wrong. But I’m sure she was more than aware that she was showing off her assets and had chosen her dress deliberately.

The bar was small but busy, only 3 people serving a busy friday night crowd. We stood beside each other waiting to be served.

I could feel her presence, almost within my personal space or moe likely that I was in hers as she’d arrived first. but then she had taken a step closer to me to let the girl before us move away from the bar.

She was now just in front of me, so close that I could smell her perfume, I’ve no idea what it was, something heady and sweet. The say that our sense of smell is so under-rated, but I’ve read those articles, I was aware of it and enjoying breathing her in.

As the guy in front of me moved away, I moved forward to stand beside her. I could feel the softness of her arm against mine.

I felt like I wanted to speak to her, but was lost for words, I’ve never been good at chatting up strangers.

I could feel that I wanted to look at her, I was looking at her from the corner of my eye. But my eyes were locked ahead waiting for the attention of the bar staff, using my peripheral vision and trying not to stare at that cleavage on display.

I wondered if she was looking too, it felt that she was, but I had no way of knowing.

A few moments later, the girl behind the bar asked for my order. I pointed out that I wasn’t next in line but it was the the lady on my right.

“Thank you kind Sir” she said, polite and girlie and smiling.

If thats not an invitation to chat then I don’t know what is? But I blew it.

“No problem, you were here before me” No hint of flitations, nothing, I kicked myself for not having something better to say. On reflection later I was glad as anything else may have sounded rehearsed.

She ordered her drinks, two double vodkas and diet coke. I had no idea who she was with, but was hoping that it wasn’t with a guy and the order made me think that was less likely than if she had ordered a vodka and a beer.

We stood there for a few moments in silence. I wanted to say something interesting to get a conversation started, but I was dumb-struck .. I wonder when I will ever learn to chat up a woman at a bar, you’d think I’d have learned that kind of thing by now. I wondered if there were classes you could do for that kind of thing?

Her drinks arrived and she paid for them and I stepped back to let her pass, but in that moment we smiled although not a word was spoken.

I took my beers back to my mate and we stood there, near the door and continued our conversation about the end of the football season and the upcoming cup-final. But my mind was elsewhere. I wanted to see where she was sitting and who she was with.

It took a few moments before I saw her, she was sitting in the opposite corner of the bar and as I looked she turned to look at me, for a moment our eyes locked again, then her friend turned towards me, just for a fraction of a second, then they both turned away laughing like a couple of teenagers.

Fuck? Is that good or bad?

…. To be continued!

Sometimes Your Better Off Alone!

Do you ever feel lonely?

I mean .. alone .. like nobody loves you?

I don’t often get that feeling as I’m quite self sufficent and have a busy life .. deliberately.

But I woke up with it this morning and I don’t like it!

I even went online and closed my dating profile .. I’ve had enough of that for now.

Fortunately, by the time I had a cup of tea then hit the shower, my music was blasting in random mode, Big Time – Peter Gabriel, Sweet Harmony – The Beloved and I was feeling much better.

But now as I sit here at work it comes upon me again like a wave.

Sometimes you are genuinely better off alone .. sometimes you need time to heal yourself after a long relationship has fell apart.

So there is no whinging or crying here .. it will pass .. of course it will, but it made me realise that I really want someone in my life rather than just having dates and seeing friends and family etc.

In other news my daughters and her boyfriend fell out in a spectacular fashion on wednesday. He isn’t happy because she is going on hoiliday with me and not him. Even although he can’t afford to go anywhere.

One word let to anther and he hit her once on the face. When she packed her bags he cut his wrists and threatened to commit suicide .. When she left anyway then he started to get violent in the street, fortunately my son arrived to give her hand moving out. The police were called and the boyfriend spent the night in the clink.

I knew that I never liked him!

Sometimes you really are better off alone.

Tonight .. meeting my mate for a curry and a beer .. but no drinking for me.

This weekend, a hillwalk, no idea were yet, got the TT out the garage and already to roll.

The sun is shining, so shades on, top down and system up!

I Can Play The Piano…

Just back form a walk up to Sauchiehall Street .. I’m looking at a piano there and have been a pain in the ass making my decision .. but I’m narrowing it down to 2 grands and one digital.

The 2 grands are about the same size and price .. brand new .. a Kawai and a Yamaha . they are both beautiful but the Kawai sounds richer.

The salesman has just offered me a deal of 800quid off the marked price on the Kawai.



My alternative is to stick with digital and upgrade my keyboard .. been looking at this one

Love that last clip ..

Its a hard choice to have really .. I’m very lucky!!

What to do!

The Over 30s Zoo!

What weekend that was …

All pretty much went to plan, met Laura’s boyfriend, actually a nice enough boy even although he is a bit rough.

I was a bit rough myself once upon a time, so I can excuse that, not so sure about him having a 4 year old daughter , but he seems to do his part, so good for him, not a total right-off.

Friday night .. madness achieved .. was drinking til midnight and danced til 2 with no drinks .. taxi!

Saturday I woke up at my usual 7:30, recovery mode, drinking tea and playing piano, my son and the girls picked me up at 10:30. We had a great day at the football watching my team win 4-0 then getting the SPL title presented to them.

Later at the meal with the kids and Laura’s BF was actually a surpisingly good laugh, quite relaxed and we all had a good time.

The party was fab, more dancing, although I wasn’t drinking and a group of us went on to some over-30s club in Bathgate afterwards.

We had a great time, mainly, 8 of us dancing, getting a bit stoopid with the moves and having a laugh .. but …

Wow … what you see when you haven’t got a gun me from these places .. never again!!

A group of fat 40 something women tatelessly, cheaply dressed and gyrating against each other and the pillars at te edge of the floor .. then putting on a pseudo lesbian display for the groups of seedy looking guys ogling from the sides.

Something I found interesting was the number oif men over 50 who were standing on their own at different points around the floor. Each of them had different levels of dress-code and dance moves. None of them had any commmunication skills.

The first guy, 55+,, 5 foot 5, grey hair cropped and a bald patch the size of my palm, was wearing a black nike training top, beighe trousers and black velcro fasteners .. he looked like he’d been let out for the weekend on some early release programme. He stood there bopping to himself, then when the DJ who was playing typical club music surprisingly started playing some old rock number by Status Quo he was standing alone in the middle of the now cleared dance floor shaking his head and playing his imaginary guitar.

Part of me was thinking, good for you .. go for it .. part of me thinking isn’t that a bit sad?

The second guy, 60ish, 5’8, bottle dyed dark hair, dressed like some model from ASDA ( Walmart), stood at the side of the floor drinking his can of coke and watching everyone else. Not once did he smile or make any effort to dance or communicate with anyone. When we left a couple of hours later he was still locked at the same spot.

The third guy. early 50s, 5’2′, stocky built, light brown hair going grey at the sides. well dressed if not a bit on the extrovert side. His red quilted jacket was far too long for him, but he kept it on and must have been melting inside as as he vigourously danced with himself and tried to dance with everyone else on the floor or anyone who foolishly made eye contact .. not me, I’m not that daft.

It was interesting to watch .. like being in a zoo.

Wired And My Daughters Boyfriend!

Friday Again .. I love Fridays!!

Actually, I’m a bit down today? Do you ever get that?

Something’s on my mind and I have no clear path forward .. what do you do?

I never like to make rash decisions, I like to think it through, come up with the options, then I try and sleep on it,.

Usually my subconscious mind works in the background and I wake up in the morning with a clearer solution.

But last night I was completely wired. I couldn’t sleep, I eventually sat up in bed and did some research online, it didn’t help, it just gave me more to think about, so I tried to sleep but my mind was far too active.

All that worrying, tossing and turning doesn’t help, it just leaves you feeling knackered the next morning.

So fuck it .. Today is Friday and the weekend begins NOW!!

Lunch time .. meeting a good friend of mine for lunch .. your turn to buy P!!

Tonight .. taking the wee one to her mums, dropping the car and meet my ex-work colleagues and my good mate Alex for a right good bucket.

Often when I’m out with them I will take the car as the are gluttons for punishment and trying to keep up with them kills the rest of my weekend.

But not tonight .. tonight .. I’m there with the rest of them .. gonna be a late night .. but Ithe way I’m feeling, I’ll probably be knackered and home on the last train while the rest of them hit a club.

Tomorrow .. early start .. heaven help me. Taking my 3 kids and my elder daughters boyfriend to see The Famous Glasgow Celtic play Saint Johnstone and have the league flag presentation. Going to be a party atmosphere and we are all looking forward to it

Afterwards I’m taking the 3 kids and Laura’s BF for a meal in the Merchant City then on to a family 40th birthday party.

I’ve never met Laura’s boyfriend, but apparently he’s a bit of a ned and my son says I won’t like him.

I hope he’s as much looking forward to meeting me as I am meeting him!!

( I can feel a Doctor Pepper moment comming on !!) 🙂

This could be fun, but what do you do when your daughter has met someone that, without pre-judging him. you may find unsuitable?

You can’t really object when they are already living together .. can you?

Well you could but its not really going to be constructive or helpful and will only push her away.

She’s most certainly her fathers daughter in that respect. Good for her.

So .. I’m going to really try to be open-minded and magnamimous .. I’ll try .. I promise!

What’s the worst thing that could happen?!! 🙂

Celtic – One Day In May!

What were you doing 15 years ago today?

The following article from Celtic Quick News and the video below had my memories flooding back.

Cheerio 10 in a row!

This was the day that Celtic won the Scottish Premier League for the first ime in 10 years and preventing some other now defucnt team getting a world record 10 league titles in row.

My son was 8 back then, we’d had our season books since he was 5 and the previous 2 or 3 years he’d cried his eyes out when the deid team won the league often despite us having the better play. They’d grind out results.

The week before the game, listening to the hun-game on the radio, they were expected to win against Kilmarnock.

At full-time it was still 0-0 and the ref, can’t remember his name, Wullie something .. but it was his last game and he picked his match. He gave them every opportiunity to score with an added 4 minutes of play.

Oh the irony and delight when Ally somebody put it away for Kilmarnock with only a minute to go.


My son and I dancing about the house and the wife looking at us as if we were celebraing Kilmarnock winning.

If it wisnay for that result, the following week when both teams won, they would have had the 10.

But they didnae .. and they didnae,

On the day, 15 years ago, my son and I were sitting in the Lisbon Lions at the time, Henriks early goal didn’t settle the nerves in the slightest and the missed equalising header from O’Dowd had our hearts in our mouths.

Then “cometh the man, cometh the hour” Harald Bratback comes on as sub.

12 minutes later Tom Boyd steals the ball from the St Johnstone attacker, dribbles up the wing, pings it up to JAckie McNamara who cuts inside and plays the ball through to Bratback running through the middle .. The balls in fromt of him just were he wants it and he side-foots it into the net.. GOAL!!

The place goes mental, people all jumping about kissing and hugging each other. Guy next to me loses his specs. Me hugging my boy and my pal smiling and tears at the same time, there was as much relief as joy.

I couldn’t have bared to see my boys wee heart broken if we’d missed out.

But 20 minutes later it was all over, fans on the pitch, a meal up in the Walfrid restuarant with my pals and a improptu party at mines later.

One of the best days of my life outwith my kids being born.

Today, .. 15 years later .. our seats in the Jock Stein stand, we moved there the day that it opened, sitting almost directly opposite where we were back then in the Lisbon Lions.

We are looking forward to a party on Saturday, extra tickets bought for my 3 kids. Meal booked in town to celebrate later.

Our season books renewed, they will always be renewed. This year I’m using the 100 quid reduction on our 2 books to buy the seat beside us for the wee one .. its all good.

I just wish we could get Fergus back to raise the flag before its too late to say thank you properly.

Hail hail all and thanks Paul for making his site my daily read.

Living Life To The Full?

A friend of mine sent me the following article from todays Metro.

Living Life To The Full?

The article is a list of indicators to measure whether we are living life to the full .. or not.

I find it incredulous that according to the article the average person can only tick 8 from the list of 50.

Some of the critera need a level of income or maturity to achieve. eg. going on safari or driving a fast car.

But how hard can it be not to do the simple things in life that don’t cost any money?

Most of these can be done at any time regardless of your age, income or social background. eg. being true to yourself or enjoying the little comforts.

It makes me wonder how selfish people are and whether they are incapable of thinking of anyone else beyond themselves?

Fortunately I don’t actually believe that the average was only 8 from the list. I believe that most people are inherently good and will have achieved much more than that.

At least the article also states that 25% of people surveyed feel that they are living life to the full .. good for them.

Personally, I’m quite a contented soul and think its important to get the balance right, so I’m very happy with my lot.

In all honesty, I can tick most of the boxes, moral, travel,, education, life experiences etc with only a few exceptions.

1 – Going on safari, I’ve never had the inclination.
2 – Speak another language fluently, I would love to, but never had the need even although I’ve worked away from home in other parts of the world for months at a time.

Near misses that I’m counting ..

3 – Visit all of Britains historic landmarks … ALL .. are you kidding .. but have done a lot .. tick
4- Married over 20 years .. well we were together 22 and married just under 20 .. tick.

The only obvious exception is number 38, again, never had the inclination, just not my style.

Living life to the full isn’t about ego-scratching, its about getting the balance right between friends, family and fun.

Try not to hurt anyone and always be true to yourself.

I hope that your weekend was as good as mine.


Only a few weeks until these rockers from the 80s play Hampden park, I love both of these songs. They take me back to a younger day when summers were long and full of fun .. My hair was even long and blonde at the time. But I was never as cute as Mr Bon Jovi!

I wonder if they are Living On A Prayer hoping to fill a 50,000 seat stadium so long after they had any big hits?

But then you have to Keep The Faith.