Friday – Personal Jesus!

Friday again … whoop whoo!!

I have just put together a few chapters and a bit of background and an progress update to my “For Lovers?” story at the following link.

Let me know what you think and apologies for the formatting .. its crap on those pages rather than posts.

What a fantastic night it was at Rodger Hodgson of Supertramp fame last night, the man can write a fine tune although I have to confess to loving his older work and couldn’t really give a toss about his newer stuff as I have no relationship with it.

Tonight, curry abandoned for dietary reasons .. i.e. I had one last night!

Tonight its a Johnny Cash tribute at The Ferry, my dad was a huge fan and I wish I could take him.

Please please please let them play his version of Depeche Modes Personal Jesus.

“Someone to hear your prayers, someone who cares?”

I still prefer the original tho!

Tomorrow .. babysitting .. bloody hell .. again .. I need to get a life!! 🙂

Taking the boys to see the new Star Trek movie at least that should killl a few hours.


3 thoughts on “Friday – Personal Jesus!

  1. And not forgetting that lesser know but oh so good rockabilly version by Saints and Sinners. Of all the versions this is the one that always makes me want to get up there and dance, dance, dance.

    But then I always did like things with a twist!;;-)

    Have a good weekend,

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