Logical, Cynical, Presentable, A Vegetable?

I don’t know if you have read this previously but I started a diet a few weeks ago.

In under 8 weeks, I’m taking my 3 kids on a cruise from Rome to Sicily, Athens, Crete, Turkey and a few other places and want to be tanned and toned .. before I go!

I bought a beautiful new shirt from Pink last week, a medium just that bit too small for me, but my target is to fit that before I go.

So, I’ve stepped up the exercise and been watching what I eat .. most of the time .. certainly during the week.

Today, I had my lentil soup, no bread or roll with it, I’m cutting down on the carbs .. or so I thought.

I’ve still not had any tea today and no sugar. I even avoided the doughnuts that someone brought in for my team.

Good stuff, keep focussed, we will get there, slowly but surely .. I thought.

But with no carbs at lunch, how come I was going into a really heavy carb coma?

If I had’nt just eaten I would have thought it was energy dropping due to lack of food.

However, check the link below …Lentil soup is 22% fat and 56%carbs .. whit!!

Thats me on the salad at lunch the rest of the week.



PS – I’m looking forward to seeing Roger Hodgson of Supertramp fame at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Thursday.

His last solo gig at the Paviliion was jam-packed and fantastic, a truly great songwriter of thoughtful lyrics and stunning melodies.

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