Scary Cat Woman – Part 4

A few moments later we were back with our friends, but they were caught up in a world of their own and so were we.

Theirs seemed to be more gentile though, still talking about people they knew from school and what they are doing now.

Our conversation was at a completely different level as I stood close to her, the palm of my hand lightly pressing against the small of her back and feeling the concave curve of her waist as it blends between her arse and her breasts.

I’m not one for over enthusiastic public displays of affection, but the next time we kissed and she forced her tongue in my mouth even the band said “the next song is dedicated to the couple at the back who need to get a room” as they burst into a rock version of Kiss by Prince.

We both gave them a smile and the lead singer acknowledged it with a Gene Simmons like flash of tongue between the lines “You don’t have to beautiful to turn me on” and “I just need your body baby from dusk til dawn” that drew a few looks and laughs but we didn’t care.

“Can you turn the tongue down a bit” I asked her, only because it was, fucks sake!

“Do you mean him or me?” She asked, feigning a hurt look.

“You! For Gods sake, it’s like snogging a snake, just ease it down a little”.

“Now you know how it feels for us girls” She reprimanded in her best school-teacher tones.

“Oh please!!! That’s awful! Besides, I’m not really into tongues dancing” My face wincing at the thought of a prolonged session.

“I wasn’t meaning tongues!” She laughed and smiled her sly sweet smile.

The next hour was over and gone before we realised, the band were finishing up with AC/DCs Long Way To The Top If You Want to Rock And Roll, the extended version as per Jack Black in School Of Rock with each member taking their turns to play solo.

Hal an hour later, we were back at hers, her mate had disappeared in a taxi and we had walked my mate home as it was on the way to hers.

I sat in the lounge while she disappeared off into the kitchen to make tea. But I noticed that she quietly disappeared into the bedroom for a few minutes. I was wondering if she was changing her pants ala Bridget Jones, the big tummy-holders being dumped for something a lot more sexy.

Why bother, I thought, we’re here now, what are we going to do, run away? Not this boy, I’ve got nowhere else to go and I’m here for the duration. She could be wearing boxers for all I care!

That’s when I first noticed the cats. She must have woke them or let them out the bedroom when she went in. One black and white look-a-like from the tweetie-pie cartoons and one grey and extremely fat. Sylvester wasn’t too slow at coming over and was slinking round my feet as I sat on the sofa. The grey one was a lot more hesitant standing at the bedroom door.

If I’m honest, I can’t stand fucking cats and part of me wanted to give Sylvester a kick, but it wouldn’t have been polite or productive. Quite the opposite.

So I waited on her coming out and then joined her in the kitchen, making tea and kissing passionately as the kettle boiled, my right hand caressing her left breast then when there were no objections to this, deftly sliding inside the front of her V-line dress and inside her bra.

It was then that I noticed her nipple was pierced “Oh, that was unexpected” my surprise showing on my face “Are they both pierced?” My mouth echoing my brain and emptying the thoughts directly without edit.

“I have everything pierced” She left it hanging, letting me wonder about the rest.

At that point the kettle clicked and she pecked me on the cheek and turned to make the tea which right at this moment was the last thing on my mind.

…. To be continued!

For Part 1 of This Story –


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