Online Dating – Dance, Floss And Wear Sunscreen!

I was speaking to a friend of mine today, she’s having man trouble and asking what its all about.
The following is an adaptation of the advice I gave her .. as much to me at some future date as to you today.

The only thing that you or I have that is truly valuable is our time.

When we were young, we thought that would last forever and it seemed to.

But now we are older, we’ve done relationships, we’ve been married, kid, divorced etc

We’ve been single, met this person or that person .. wasted time, drinking wine, talking crap and fucking our brains out.

The truth is that its all bollocks .. what really matters is “the one” and finding happiness and security.

And of course, there isn’t “one” .. there are many “one”s

It’s not easy this singledom mallarkey and everyone wants someone.

You, me, everyone is trying their luck looking for “the one” .. its easy to waste time looking for somethign you already have.

The bored married ones are cheating on their wives ..

The single ones are playing the field because what they want .. the girl of their 20 year old dreams isn’t fucking available ..

Because now she has 3 kids and a big ass .. and an ex who is a complete prick and doesn’t give her any money .. blah blah!

So what’s your choices?

Sit in the house?

No .. either get busy living or get busy dying ..

So get out there and find one “one” and make it local .. and make the best of it .. because your a long time dead!

Most importantly, find someone who wants you as much as you want them.

My advice .. Forget their faults, learn to appreciate the good rather than focus on the bad.

Just don’t waste that most valuable commodity .. your time.

We all deserve a little bit of happiness with our “one” even if they aren’t perfect.

I love this song and the advice it gives .. Dance Floss and wear Sunscreen!

And this ..

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