Scary Cat Woman!!

Scary Cat Woman, thats how I will always think of her.

Thats my lingering memory from the time we spent together,

I met her one Friday night, our eyes met as we both walked to the bar.

She was 10 yards away and side on to me, she was facing towards the bar as I walked towards it but facing towards her left side.

It was her hair that first caught my eye, long and dark, she pushed it to the side as she was walking and briefly turned my way.

She noticed that I was looking at her and she smiled, maybe because I was smiling already, but I wasn’t aware of that at the time.

In that brief moment in which our eyes were locked, I could tell that she had a nice face, but there was something kind of odd about it in a quirkey way. It was as if she had all the right parts, but something didnt’quite fit right, although not at all unpleasant.

She turned away and a few steps later, she was at the bar, but in those few steps I’d mentally undressed her. She’s 5’6 but around 5’9 in her heels. size 14, top and bottom with her waist proportunate to her other measurements.

She’s not a big girl, but womanly, she has a shape and curves in all the right places.

She undulated as she walked, her curves like weights on a taut spring, each step was followed by a time lag as her breasts moved this way and the other. Her wrap-around dress held her figure, the V line at the front possibly showing a little too much cleavage.

Is there such a thing as too much cleavage?

Somewhere in my head, my inner schoolboy was thinking … Wow!

Of course there is such a thing as too much cleavage, of course, don’t kid yourself that guys are only interested in the biggest breasts possible, that would be wrong. But I’m sure she was more than aware that she was showing off her assets and had chosen her dress deliberately.

The bar was small but busy, only 3 people serving a busy friday night crowd. We stood beside each other waiting to be served.

I could feel her presence, almost within my personal space or moe likely that I was in hers as she’d arrived first. but then she had taken a step closer to me to let the girl before us move away from the bar.

She was now just in front of me, so close that I could smell her perfume, I’ve no idea what it was, something heady and sweet. The say that our sense of smell is so under-rated, but I’ve read those articles, I was aware of it and enjoying breathing her in.

As the guy in front of me moved away, I moved forward to stand beside her. I could feel the softness of her arm against mine.

I felt like I wanted to speak to her, but was lost for words, I’ve never been good at chatting up strangers.

I could feel that I wanted to look at her, I was looking at her from the corner of my eye. But my eyes were locked ahead waiting for the attention of the bar staff, using my peripheral vision and trying not to stare at that cleavage on display.

I wondered if she was looking too, it felt that she was, but I had no way of knowing.

A few moments later, the girl behind the bar asked for my order. I pointed out that I wasn’t next in line but it was the the lady on my right.

“Thank you kind Sir” she said, polite and girlie and smiling.

If thats not an invitation to chat then I don’t know what is? But I blew it.

“No problem, you were here before me” No hint of flitations, nothing, I kicked myself for not having something better to say. On reflection later I was glad as anything else may have sounded rehearsed.

She ordered her drinks, two double vodkas and diet coke. I had no idea who she was with, but was hoping that it wasn’t with a guy and the order made me think that was less likely than if she had ordered a vodka and a beer.

We stood there for a few moments in silence. I wanted to say something interesting to get a conversation started, but I was dumb-struck .. I wonder when I will ever learn to chat up a woman at a bar, you’d think I’d have learned that kind of thing by now. I wondered if there were classes you could do for that kind of thing?

Her drinks arrived and she paid for them and I stepped back to let her pass, but in that moment we smiled although not a word was spoken.

I took my beers back to my mate and we stood there, near the door and continued our conversation about the end of the football season and the upcoming cup-final. But my mind was elsewhere. I wanted to see where she was sitting and who she was with.

It took a few moments before I saw her, she was sitting in the opposite corner of the bar and as I looked she turned to look at me, for a moment our eyes locked again, then her friend turned towards me, just for a fraction of a second, then they both turned away laughing like a couple of teenagers.

Fuck? Is that good or bad?

…. To be continued!


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