Sometimes Your Better Off Alone!

Do you ever feel lonely?

I mean .. alone .. like nobody loves you?

I don’t often get that feeling as I’m quite self sufficent and have a busy life .. deliberately.

But I woke up with it this morning and I don’t like it!

I even went online and closed my dating profile .. I’ve had enough of that for now.

Fortunately, by the time I had a cup of tea then hit the shower, my music was blasting in random mode, Big Time – Peter Gabriel, Sweet Harmony – The Beloved and I was feeling much better.

But now as I sit here at work it comes upon me again like a wave.

Sometimes you are genuinely better off alone .. sometimes you need time to heal yourself after a long relationship has fell apart.

So there is no whinging or crying here .. it will pass .. of course it will, but it made me realise that I really want someone in my life rather than just having dates and seeing friends and family etc.

In other news my daughters and her boyfriend fell out in a spectacular fashion on wednesday. He isn’t happy because she is going on hoiliday with me and not him. Even although he can’t afford to go anywhere.

One word let to anther and he hit her once on the face. When she packed her bags he cut his wrists and threatened to commit suicide .. When she left anyway then he started to get violent in the street, fortunately my son arrived to give her hand moving out. The police were called and the boyfriend spent the night in the clink.

I knew that I never liked him!

Sometimes you really are better off alone.

Tonight .. meeting my mate for a curry and a beer .. but no drinking for me.

This weekend, a hillwalk, no idea were yet, got the TT out the garage and already to roll.

The sun is shining, so shades on, top down and system up!

5 thoughts on “Sometimes Your Better Off Alone!

  1. Good afternoon M,

    Firstly good on your daughter for walking away…. no one has the right to hit another person for ANY reason! I hope he moves on and leaves your girl alone to get on with her life. With you as her dad am sure she will be fine.

    Being alone isn’t as bad as we think, after 2 years and 3 months of being out of my marriage, I am enjoying being on my own. I like that I can come and go and do as I want.

    Enjoy you curry and (non) beer and I hope the weather holds out for your walk tomorrow! Blow the cobwebs away and start again.

    Happy Friday 🙂

    M x

    1. Thanks Michelle,

      I’m fine thanks.

      That feeling was a temporary blip. I’m not a lonely person and quite content in my own world.

      I wrote that as it was how i woke up that day and because of the contrast to my daughters experience the day beforehand.

      Heaven help him if I ever meet him again.

      So she is better off alone.

      But although I’m happy on my own. I’d rather not be.

      It will happen when the time is right

      Hope you and the family are well.


    1. Thanks Ruth,

      I’m fine. No worries about me.

      I just woke up feeling alone and did a bit of reassessment.

      I’m not one for wallowing in self pity. Never have been. Never will be.

      So action was taken. Online profile closed. Or at least hidden and pics removed.

      It’s time for me to look after myself and not everyone else and their expectations.

      Hope all good with you and life treating you well.


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