The Over 30s Zoo!

What weekend that was …

All pretty much went to plan, met Laura’s boyfriend, actually a nice enough boy even although he is a bit rough.

I was a bit rough myself once upon a time, so I can excuse that, not so sure about him having a 4 year old daughter , but he seems to do his part, so good for him, not a total right-off.

Friday night .. madness achieved .. was drinking til midnight and danced til 2 with no drinks .. taxi!

Saturday I woke up at my usual 7:30, recovery mode, drinking tea and playing piano, my son and the girls picked me up at 10:30. We had a great day at the football watching my team win 4-0 then getting the SPL title presented to them.

Later at the meal with the kids and Laura’s BF was actually a surpisingly good laugh, quite relaxed and we all had a good time.

The party was fab, more dancing, although I wasn’t drinking and a group of us went on to some over-30s club in Bathgate afterwards.

We had a great time, mainly, 8 of us dancing, getting a bit stoopid with the moves and having a laugh .. but …

Wow … what you see when you haven’t got a gun me from these places .. never again!!

A group of fat 40 something women tatelessly, cheaply dressed and gyrating against each other and the pillars at te edge of the floor .. then putting on a pseudo lesbian display for the groups of seedy looking guys ogling from the sides.

Something I found interesting was the number oif men over 50 who were standing on their own at different points around the floor. Each of them had different levels of dress-code and dance moves. None of them had any commmunication skills.

The first guy, 55+,, 5 foot 5, grey hair cropped and a bald patch the size of my palm, was wearing a black nike training top, beighe trousers and black velcro fasteners .. he looked like he’d been let out for the weekend on some early release programme. He stood there bopping to himself, then when the DJ who was playing typical club music surprisingly started playing some old rock number by Status Quo he was standing alone in the middle of the now cleared dance floor shaking his head and playing his imaginary guitar.

Part of me was thinking, good for you .. go for it .. part of me thinking isn’t that a bit sad?

The second guy, 60ish, 5’8, bottle dyed dark hair, dressed like some model from ASDA ( Walmart), stood at the side of the floor drinking his can of coke and watching everyone else. Not once did he smile or make any effort to dance or communicate with anyone. When we left a couple of hours later he was still locked at the same spot.

The third guy. early 50s, 5’2′, stocky built, light brown hair going grey at the sides. well dressed if not a bit on the extrovert side. His red quilted jacket was far too long for him, but he kept it on and must have been melting inside as as he vigourously danced with himself and tried to dance with everyone else on the floor or anyone who foolishly made eye contact .. not me, I’m not that daft.

It was interesting to watch .. like being in a zoo.

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