Living Life To The Full?

A friend of mine sent me the following article from todays Metro.

Living Life To The Full?

The article is a list of indicators to measure whether we are living life to the full .. or not.

I find it incredulous that according to the article the average person can only tick 8 from the list of 50.

Some of the critera need a level of income or maturity to achieve. eg. going on safari or driving a fast car.

But how hard can it be not to do the simple things in life that don’t cost any money?

Most of these can be done at any time regardless of your age, income or social background. eg. being true to yourself or enjoying the little comforts.

It makes me wonder how selfish people are and whether they are incapable of thinking of anyone else beyond themselves?

Fortunately I don’t actually believe that the average was only 8 from the list. I believe that most people are inherently good and will have achieved much more than that.

At least the article also states that 25% of people surveyed feel that they are living life to the full .. good for them.

Personally, I’m quite a contented soul and think its important to get the balance right, so I’m very happy with my lot.

In all honesty, I can tick most of the boxes, moral, travel,, education, life experiences etc with only a few exceptions.

1 – Going on safari, I’ve never had the inclination.
2 – Speak another language fluently, I would love to, but never had the need even although I’ve worked away from home in other parts of the world for months at a time.

Near misses that I’m counting ..

3 – Visit all of Britains historic landmarks … ALL .. are you kidding .. but have done a lot .. tick
4- Married over 20 years .. well we were together 22 and married just under 20 .. tick.

The only obvious exception is number 38, again, never had the inclination, just not my style.

Living life to the full isn’t about ego-scratching, its about getting the balance right between friends, family and fun.

Try not to hurt anyone and always be true to yourself.

I hope that your weekend was as good as mine.


Only a few weeks until these rockers from the 80s play Hampden park, I love both of these songs. They take me back to a younger day when summers were long and full of fun .. My hair was even long and blonde at the time. But I was never as cute as Mr Bon Jovi!

I wonder if they are Living On A Prayer hoping to fill a 50,000 seat stadium so long after they had any big hits?

But then you have to Keep The Faith.


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