Friday – Diets, Hangovers and Dating Story Update.

Friday again .. sitting at my desk .. starving!!

Normally my Friday morning treat on the way to work is a roll and sausage, potato scone and brown sauce.


Funny how I have the exact same food as the cure for hangovers!

But not today I’m motiviated. I’m still cutting out the sugar and walked to work again.

Thats me down 3 pounds compared with my worst ever weight on Monday, action had to be taken. I can feel the difference already.

This weekend .. would you believe that I have no plans .. well no plans for socialising and concerts .. nothing apart form family stuff.

Tonight I take my daughter Claire back to her mums, then might pop down to my dads. I have no arrangement to go out with my pals and even if I did I wouldn’t be drinking and avoiding the curries.

I’ll not be happy until I’ve lost at least 8 pounds and my shirts don’t feel tight.

Hopefully more, but I don’t really have that much to lose. Whats more important is to tone up. The holiday is coming up fast and I want to be swimming like a fish.

Tomorrow morning 9am, I’m helping my Uncle Eddie and Auntie Liz move home, their downsizing from a largish house to a flat near their bowling club. Good for them. The call for helping hands came out on Monday and all the cousins ( dads side) are coming over to lend a hand .. should be a good laugh.

Tomorrow night .. I knew I shouldn’t have offered but I can’t help myself sometimes. I’m babysitting for my cousins (mums side) 3 kids while they go out in Glasgow for the evening. I’ve offered to take them to 10 pin bowling or the movies. Should be fun but could be a nightmare.

Sunday .. no plans, I’ll be sleeping over in the east coast and will stay a while. But it would be great to get out on a hillwalk either Sunday or Monday.

Sunday night .. got this notion that since its a bank holiday I want to go dancing.


What ever you are doing .. have fun!


An update on my dating story -. I’ve been working on it .. tidying it up .. adding in relevant song lyrics at the start of each chapter.

For example, I love the song Something Changed by Pulp .. it fits in with the theme of the first chapter.

I have a few more chapters to do before its complete. I want the balance right.

1-5 i – his back-story, first date to first shag and shes gone.
6-10 -her back-story to next date.

Then it alternates mostly, Him-Her-Him .. but there are a few chapters where its went him-him so need a her in there.

I’ve marked the contents below .. H(e) and S)he) for when its from his or her Point Of View.

I reckon that I have a few more chapters including something between Moondancing and Nightswimming from her POV which I’d like to be a one word title of a cool song?

Foreword…….. 3
Introduction….. 4
Contents………. 5
H1 – If Peroni Did Mills and Boon! :-).. 6
HL2 – Time Flies – One Step At A Time!……….. 9
HL3 – Watch the world come alive tonight…….. 11
H4 – Anxious Memories Of The Night Before. 14
HL5 – Black Panties With An Angel’s Face…… 17
A Thought – Sometimes It’s Hard To Be A Woman!.. 21
S6 – Just Have A Little Patience!…… 23
S7 – Titanium……….. 28
S8 – You’re A Star!. 33
S9 – Lots Of Catching Up To Do!…. 37
S10 – Game On!…… 40
H11 – Beneath You’re Beautiful……… 42
S12 – My Blue Eyed Boy…… 45
H13 – Moondancing… 49
H14 – Nightswimming 58
S15 – A Not So Simple Misunderstanding!… 62
H16 – Reasons Seasons And Lifetimes……….. 65
S17 – Dreams!……… 67
H18 – Accepting The Inevitable?…….. 70
S19 – Boys Don’t Cry!……… 74
H20 – Second Hand First Impressions!……….. 78
H21 – The Tipping Point or Friends With Benefits?….. 82
H22 – All Mine!……… 85
S23 – More Please!.. 90
H24 – You Can’t Have One Without The Other!…….. 92
S25 – Perfect Man Or Problem Child?………. 95
H26 – A Girl With A Pin To Burst Your Bubble!…….. 99
S27 – The Rough And The Smooth!……….. 102
H28 – Everything’s Going To Be Alright!…… 105
Epilogue……. 107
For The Future……… 108

2 thoughts on “Friday – Diets, Hangovers and Dating Story Update.

  1. Now that is MUCH better song than that MUSH from the other day. Although imagine that the vids from those girlie workout songs may hold a certain appeal to you menfolk 🙂

    Absolutely love this Pulp song, still like to see them live one of these days. Mesmerising to watch – there is something geekily gorgeous about Jarvis. And his voice just makes me melt… Know what I’m listening to for rest of afternoon!


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