Let’s Get Physical!

I hope that you enjoyed yesterdays short story, The Platform Lovers.

It is honestly based on what I actually see at the train station every morning on my way to work.

I’ve saw the guy with the briefcase for years and never spoke to him.

Would we ever speak to a stranger we see at the station every day? It’s not really the done thing is it?

I do actually wonder what he does and I’ve never saw him smile, even on the brightest sunniest day, he still wears his suits and often and overcoat .. maybe that’s why he never smiles!

The rock-couple are real, they arrive separately and kiss and look like lovers. I saw them again this morning, looking content and smiling in their dated rocker clothes. They look happy with each other.

I think I’d rather be them than the guy in the briefcase .. wouldn’t you?

But it does look as if there is a back-story where either or both of them have other partners.

So the story is largely real, but the part about him not showing up is authors licence and completely made up.

I’m thinking of writing a follow-up, but currently not sure where to take it, either –

1 – He doesn’t show up the next day and she is on her own .. not very interesting.
2 – He does show up but they sit separately or together but don’t look as close.
3 – They have a major public barney!!
4 – They meet up and are closer than ever. Then her husband arrives.
5 – A combination of the above.

I’m open to suggestion.

Anyhoo .. in other news .. since I didn’t write my usual blogs on Monday or Friday.

I am currently feeling a bit pissed off with myself .. I’m still my usual happy self, but not happy with my over-eating at the weekend or recently.

My weekend was spent with friends on Friday, curry and out to late-o-clock then a family dinner at my cousins on Saturday and stayed over until Sunday.

I had a great time .. totally over indulged .. in food rather than drink .. it doesn’t take much to get me pissed so I don’t often overdo it.

So why am I not happy with myself?

Because I weighed myself on Monday morning and I was the heaviest I’ve ever been.

Don ‘t get me wrong, I’m not a big fat fatty, I’m not built that way .. I’ve been a 34 waist and a 42 chest since I was 30 … But I can feel that I’e put on weight and I’m not happy about it.

I can feel my shirts that bit tighter and I don’t bloody well like it!!

So although I blame the over-indulgence in food at the weekend .. I really blame the general lack of exercise over recent months.

Lets be honest .. I’m not as active as I used to be .. indoors or out! ( keep it clean!! )

But I’m motivated .. I’ve had a good word with myself and need to get it sorted out.

Yesterday I stopped taking sugar in my tea, it was just a half-spoon, but you cannot burn fat if you keep your blood sugar levels high as your body burns that off first.

This morning I weighed myself and I’m already down 2 pounds compared with my scary high .. great .. but its only a start.

Today I did my usual school run with my daughter then took the car back to the house and walked to the station. Thats tougher than it sounds as I’m about a mile away and its all downhill which means I have a steep walk to look forward to after work.

Tonight I’m playing badminton, I usually feel good after playing and don’t eat as much. I need to play more.

Tomorrow, when my son is over to lend a hand, I’m moving my treadmill from the garage into the house ..where its visible and more likely to be used.

I still haven’t joined those dancing classes, but I want to .. I just never seem to have the time.

So thats the energy out dealt with, what about the energy in .. it’s a simple equation.

Generally speaking, I have quite a healthy diet, but I’m also wanting to make it even healthier.

I’m going to cut out the carbs, those instant energy fixes, losing the sugar is just a start.

As of now, no more fries and reducing the sandwiches. This weekend, no alcohol at all. Beer is very fattening, stopped.

Besides, last week I booked a cruise for me and the kids, Royal Carribean to Rome, Athens, Crete and Sicily amongst other places.

There is no way I’m going on holiday feeling fat .. so it’s getting sorted.

12 weeks and counting. Watch out for the weight loss updates and kick my ass if I don’t.

Let’s get physical. ( Totally cheesy and I much prefer running to the other 2 videos )


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical!

  1. Hi M

    I think a combination of all would be good, you have a great imagination and can do it justice.

    Good luck with the weight lose and exercise, just think….the “one” could be on that cruise 😉

    Keep smiling

    M x

  2. You have shamed me into looking at the relationship between my wine consumption, running and belly! I think I need to change the mix. 100 calories burnt per mile of running does NOT entitle me to 100 calories of wine, butter or cheese. Good luck! Cx

    Sent from my iPhone

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