Online Dating – Future Love Paradise?

Well if only you could see them
All the smiles on their faces
There were Kings and Queens
Followed by Princes and Princesses

There were future power people
From the loved to the loveless
Shining their light cos they want it seen

There were cries of Why?
Followed by cries of Why not?
Can I reach out for you
If that feels good to me?

The deriders will not stop us
Cos the only love they’ll find is Paradise.

Future Love Paradise – Seal.

Well after much ado about quite a lot of things, that’s this dancing bhoy joined back in to the online dating malarkey.

Its gonna be fun, no really, help me out here, encourage me!

That song seems pretty apt for my dating experiences so far..

There are all sorts out there, it pays to be careful.

I’ve met some nice people online, some for me, some not for me, this blog tells a part of that story, not all of it, some of it would be far too much information, but with hindsight, no harm done and there have been a load of laughs along the way.

The worse thing about online dating is when you spend time getting to know someone, writing long thoughtful emails, investing time in each other, only to find that when you meet they don’t look anything like their pics which were taken on holiday 10 years ago when they had more of a tan and less of tummy.

Hey, I’m only being serious!

But it works both ways, it’s only fair that my pics are current too.

So I spend all of 10 seconds in front of my Mac last night taking a few pics of myself, posing, trying to get the head-shot right, conveying friendly without looking creepy or like a grumpy old bassa.

I failed miserably, so spent the next hour on photoshop! πŸ™‚

Pics uploaded.

Wish me luck!!

ps – Isn’t Seal a beautiful man?


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