Monday – Championees!!

Hello .. Monday again!!

I love my weekends, live for them, thrive on them. They make me feel alive!

Just the right combination of friends, family and football .. What’s not to like!!

Friday, straight out from work, met my mate for a few beers and went to a comedy show .. Jimeon at the Garage .. Fantastic.

I’d only ever saw him on Live At The Apollo with Michael whats-his-face, but live the man is so funny, very clever and doesn’t even resort to smut .. well the odd line, but far from blue.

The man has a real talent for pointing out those little idiosyncracities that we all do, that we know we do when we think about it, but aren’t aware that everyone else does too. But it’s not just the content, it’s his facial expressions and comedy timing that make him hilarious.

I’ll definitely be booking tickets to see him later this year at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

So … I’d had loose plans for Saturday, but with falling out with the moll, those wend bye-de-bye .. bit of sshame but life must go on.

I had a lovely day with my dad, took him to my aunt and uncles for the afternoon, then dinner with him at the World Buffet in Darnley and my 3 kids on saturday night. The choices of Indian, Chinese, Mexican or Italian were Just the right combination of food-cultures to keep everyone happy and satisfied.

Dad was just happy spending time with my 3, me too!! It’s hard getting 20 year olds “kids” to come out with their dad and grampa on a Saturday night, obviously the meal was too good to resist. But not quite enough to stop them up before they disappeared clubbing in the city centre with their pals later.

Sunday .. now thats what I was waiting for … up early, in the house on my ownsome, tea, toast, piano. Then showered and picked my hung-over son up from his mums .. unusually he didn’t seem to like my choice of songs or that I had the volume turned up .. I wonder why!

We had a great day at the football, met a few friends, chatted through the first half which was pretty dull to be fair, too many missed chances, then we were thrilled all through the second half, Neil Lennon had obviously put a rocket up the players arses.

My favourite from the 4 goals was gorgeous Georgios Samaras, taking the ball from just inside the Inverness half, running wide to the edge of the penalty box, then shimmying one way and the other, tormenting the defenders, getting close to the by-line then thundering the ball off the crossbar into the net from what looked like an impossible angle.

Great result Celtic .. another league title in the bag .. only 8 more to go until a new record is set and I can’t see anything stopping that right now.



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