DEFCON 1 – The Days And The Waves!

What a traumatic night last night .. much conversation with the moll, much southing of her insecurities … Calls at 5pm 7pm and then 11pm.

Everything seemed to be okay … her issues seemed fixed .. then she turned up at my door at 2am.

She’d been googling me .. not a clever thing to do .. If you want mud you’ll find it .. not that theres much to find.

She found my registration for MeetUp which I’ve never actually used .. Not that I was hiding it.

The poor wee lamb got awful upset because she thought it meant I was meeting people or more specifically dating again.

There were accusations, tears, all for no reason .. none except her insecurities.

But to turn up at my door at 2am. .. No excuses .. what a complete nutter, if you ask me, or even if you don’t ask me.

Leaving her kids in her house, taking a 20 minute drive to mine and waking me up and possibly my daughter at 2am.


So .. where are we now .. in the polite zone.

She’s very apologetic, texting and sending nice emails, as if I can simply just forget someone turning up at my door at 2am full of unwarranted accusations and even calling my 15 year old daughter on the phone at 1am – thats just psycho mad woman behaviour.

So why don’t I just tell her to fuck off, I hear you say?

I’ve been asking myself exactly the same question ..

Because I actually like her. its not easy finding someone you actually like and we have great fun together..

So I’m letting it and her simmer .. I’ll sleep on it.

Tonight, the genuis that is Ludovico Einaudi visits the Usher Hall in Edinburgjh.

He was amazing when we saw him at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall a few years ago.

I’m taking my daughter for the evening, we both play piano, but can only look on in awe as this man makes the synapses fire with simultaneous melodies playing at different levels.

My favourites Le Onde ( The Waves) and I Giorno ( The Days )

Can’t wait!


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