DEFCON 2 – My Therapist Said …

My therapist said, not to see you no more..
She said you’re like a disease without any cure

James – Laid

Hey .. Monday again .. What a fantastic weekend .. up to a point?

But how come, no matter what you do, some people just seem to find fault?

Is it that they are looking for fault, that they just can’t help themselves?

Do they find fault on small stuff, because it suits their agenda?

Or s it just because they are nuts in the first place, which you had suspected already.

Let me elaborate ..

Me and the moll had a fantastic weekend, most of it.

( DEFCON 5 – All’s well in the world )

We went to the James gig in Stirling, A mere 200 people and a very intimate performance. They were fantastic musically and took a lot of time to chat with their audience of hard-core fans. I’ve saw them many times and this was pretty special.

As it was Stirling and she was driving, I stayed at hers on Friday night, nice wee night, lots of fun and romance.

Saturday, back to mine, dropped off her car at mine and jumped train to the West End of Glasgow where we had an early dinner booked.

Dinner was lovely, the cocktails were better. Just the right amount to get in the mood for danicng the night away.

The support band for James were Echo And The Bunymen .. possibly a bit of a climbdown for Ian McCulloch but there is no way that EatB would fill a venue the size of the SEC with 8000 fans. Not today, that ship has passed.

James were magic, even better than the Friday, which I’m struggling to digest, possibly because we were close to the front, possibly the atmosphere of 8000 vs 200 .. but they were great .. all the biggies including my favourites, Sometimes, Come Home, Getting Away With It, Sound, a great version of Sit Down where the lead singer Tim Booth was standing up on the crowd barrier within touching distance of me.

The main part of the show ended with Sometimes, as usual the mass singiing of the crowded kept the song going well after the band had stopped playing. They know this will happen .. So did we!! The gig then ended with an encore .. or was it 2 .. they finished on Laid .. cue the place going mental .. Fantastic.

All good so far .. back to the pub .. then a taxi home at late o’clock!

Sunday morning lazing around, tea and toast and pineapple juice from my new juicer .. so good for hangovers!

She’s in the shower at this point, while I’m cutting up pineapple. James playing on the hi-fi .. big smile on my face.

But when I get upstairs, theres an atmosphere .. hhhhmmmm .. whats changed?

( DEFCON 4 – Increased awareness something’s changes, are we under attack? )

Turns out she had been going through the cupboards in my bathroom cabinet, cupboards I don’t often use .. particularly the one that my ex-girlfriend used and okay there was a pink tooth-brush there and some female products.

But is that any need to throw a wobbler?

Is that reason enough to start throwing accusations about harbouring thoughts for my ex-gf who has been long gone?

Is it really?

Or is it the fact, that I tend to be busy and have a big house with lots of cupboards and some I haven’t got round to clearing out yet? The cleaner cleans .. but she doesn’t empty cupboards and if theres stuff in there I tend to not see it.

( DEFCON 3 – We are under attack, but lets negotiate our way out )

Okay fair enough, I’ve took her point, yes I should dump the stuff .. and I will but FFS .. why not make your point without being a complete nutter?

So .. we chatted .. I apologised and calmed her down … I appreciated her viewpoint .. cos I do.

Ironically she hasn’t considerd the fact that she still has pictures of her ex-husband kicking about .. and I bite my tongue. Not that it particularly bothers me .. but I didn’t think that the timing was right to mention it .. I hate games and playing tit-for-tat .. I tend to stick with the issue at hand.

After an hour .. she went on her way and I went to footballl with my boy .. my team won 4-3 after a very exciting game and are now in the final of the Scottish Cup .. Come on the hoops!

( DEFCON 4 – Immediate threat has been averted – but awareness heightened for future threats )

Good day had with my boy .. then picked up my daughter and home .. tired .. an early night was on the cards.

But there’s an email from her .. more bullshit about the stuff .. stuff that doesn’t really matter .. well not to me .. but seems to be a very important to her.

( DEFCON 3 – Severley pissed off that this has came back again. Negotiations have failed. Lets see how the situation develops )

A few texts take place including a text from her at 5am saying “You never answered my email”

As if I’m going to answer an email when I’m tired and pissed off .. I might over-react. so I avoid it.

But I answer her text .. I thought we had already discussed and that you’re issue had been dealt with.

Blah blah blah ..

( DEFCON 2 – I am getting severly pissed off – Should I attack first? Kill it off before I get burned? )

All this makes me question her motives .. is she falling out about issue A .. when actually she has some other issue that she really want to speak about and is avoiding?

Who knows .. not me .. I don’t do double speak .. so if you have any other underlying issues .. please spell it out in plain English.

If you want to go .. go .. I can deal with that .. life goes on and from experience .. once the cracks start to show then you’re better off out of it sooner than later.

There are no outright winner here .. good times have been had by all .. but there’s a limit.

( DEFCON 1 – I’m ready to pull the trigger but I’ll be happy to stand down if she see’s reason .. but that means apologising and I can’t see it )

Whats really pissing me off now is not her issue, but how she cannot deal with it and is labouring a point.

Maybe she should stay out of other peoples cupboards anyway.

3 thoughts on “DEFCON 2 – My Therapist Said …

  1. Hi M

    I feel sad reading todays blog. I was feeling your happiness in the last few. I sincerely hope that you can sort out the issue and move on and be happy.

    No matter what, keep your chin up and keep smiling 🙂

    M x

    1. Thanks M,

      Much appreciated.

      Things seemed to calm down last night, we spoke after work then later on at midnight.

      Things seemed to be calm then she turned up at my door at 2am this morning wanting to talk.

      Jesus. That’s just so wrong. Never mind that we both have kids at home.

      What kind of nutter does that?

      All because I was sleeping and she couldn’t get through on phone.

      Too much to speak about and she was there til 5 so I’m knackered today.

      So tired now.

      I’ve made my decision. Just try to make sure it’s not a rash one.


  2. Hi M

    Follow your heat, it will lead you in the right direction. i am soo tired today too, spent most of my evening at Yorkhill with my little one, all is ok now thank goodness! an early night is on the cards.

    Hope your felling brighter and can get a good nights sleep.

    M x

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