Friday – Show Some Humanity!

Friday … and loving it!!

First of all .. as expected this weeks news was full of Thatcher’s death, the sympathies from the converted, her followers from the Conservative Party who obviously had vested interests at the time and reaped the benefits of her greed, meanwhile the poor got poorer.

I worked in the Shipyards back then, I saw the effect of her cuts, not as badly as the way she treated the miners. We only saw mass closures and lay-offs, not the baton and boot of her over-paid police thugs.

Yes changes needed to be made. Britain was the sick man of Europe at the time, but not with the voracity with which she destroyed communities then sold of the family silver.

She showed no mercy, no mercy to the children of the Miners, no mercy in the Irish situation, no mercy to the people on the Belgrano which she chose to attack despite the fact that they were already running away and out with the 200 mile exclusion zone at the time.

Don’t get me wrong.. I’m pro-Britain.. I love being British, .but there is right and there is wrong and I expect our leaders to know the difference and to be seen to act accordingly.

Today we have more controversy.. it looks like the number one song this week in the BBC and iTunes charts will by Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead from The Wizard Of Oz.

For God’s sake people, have a laugh, joke about it. a wry smile.

But do not celebrate the death of another human. This is simply wrong.

I’m no Thatcher fan, but those people who threw street parties disgust me.

Wrong is wrong and their lack of taste shows them to petty minded fools.

Show some humanity.


I just had to get that off my chest particularly as I feel a bit guilty about the title of my last blog, which was said in jest, but didn’t expect such a furore and that song to be at the front of it. I am slightly ashamed of that.


Friday.. A big weekend ahead .. yeah baby!!

Tonight one of my favourite bands are playing a small gig for 200 fans at the Tolbooth in Stirling .. and yours truly is going with the PiF. (Partner in Fun )

She’s never been to a James gig before, but has really got into them since I play them constantly.

Tomorrow, we’re at the James gig at the SEC, quite a bit different from tonight’s intimate gig.

Last time I saw them with my friend Lynn, I was very drunk and danced like John Travolta. See song lyrics below!

We had a great time I can’t wait to do it all again.

Lynn if you read this, have a great time tomorrow.

Sunday – the world famous Glasgow Celtic are playing Dundee United in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup at Hampden Park, Glasgow. I’m going with my son and my younger daughter who has suddenly became a Hoops fan .. no idea why .. maybe it’s the Catholic schooling!

Whatever you are doing .. Enjoy yourself.


Daniel drinks his weight
Drinks like Richard Burton
Dance like John Travolta
We’re getting away with it .. all messed up!


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