Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead!

Well … it’s finally arrived.

Margaret Thatcher has popped her clogs and left this mortal coil.

Generally speaking I don’t do politics, I can’t stand any of the UK political parties as they are almost as bad as each other, self-serving and only really interested in power, not the people that they are supposed to serve.

But today’s the day the wicked witch of the west went to meet her maker.

I take no joy from the demise of another human being but please spare me the platitudes .. the news tonight will be full of it.

Yeah yeah .. she was a strong courageous woman who made changes where there needed to be changes, who stamped her authority over the political landscapes like the jack-boot of her over-excuberant police forces stemped on the faces of anyone who opposed them.

She gleefully turned communities against each other, she watched children suffer, she refused to help when they needed it most.

When she sold of the public utilities, if you were lucky enough to buy a few shares and double your money overnight that she and her cronies made this amount thousands of times over?

Each time those ever-increasing utility bills pop oiver the door-step, you are still paying for their greed.

She fostered greed, promoted it, “the market was king and would find it’s only level” she told us .. well she told us lies.

Todays economic recession is a direct consequence of her deregulation of the financial services sector.

She allowed them to package up make-believe and abstract financial instruments of futures and options where they kept extracting the real profits and we bought into their house of cards with our pensions, endownents and insurance polices.

Well we’re all paying for it now.

Isn’t it strange how they didn’t bail out the shipyards, car-industry or steelworks the way that they’ve bailed out the banks?

Do you thnk thats by accident?

These people don’t care about people, they care about money, themselves and their kind.

So Mrs T, I won’t wish you ill, but if there’s a hell, I have no doubts that you’ll be deep in the heart of it.

6 thoughts on “Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead!

  1. Thanks P

    .. and don’t even get me started on The sinking of the Belgrano.

    She was glad The Falklands troubles began because her percentage of the vote was on the slide with an election coming up.

    Then the country and particularly the south were full of patriotism and got behind her.

    But that was an act of particular cowardice.

    Hope you are well.


    1. I was just 14 at time and stuck an anti-war poster in my bedroom window facing the street. My dad was fuming with me. Which made me feel all the better for doing it!! We never did agree on our politics!

      I’m good thanks, but then I’m always good 🙂

      Apart from an embarrassing moment on a very packed train. Set up laptop to read through advertising award submissions as I’m judging on Wed, clicked open first one and up popped PDF of Breast Cancer campaign and multiple images of very close up boobs in all shapes and sizes filled my screen.

      Next one I opened up was for Irm Bru and a close up pic of jumper with word ‘Fanny’ stretched across my screen.

      Gave up after that until I got safely home.

      Away to decide now if breasts are better than fannnies…


  2. Hi M,

    Been trying to bite my tongue all day over her death but just had to share the best picture I have seen as of yet on my facebook…..picture of Maggie with the words….”been in hell 20 minutes, shut down three furnesses”….

    Hope you are well and still smiling.

    M x

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