Friday – Drive In Saturday!

Hey .. Friday again ..

busy week .. it was my birthday, 21 again .. too many times to count now!

Lucky me,  was taken out for dinner twice, once by my partner in fun and once by the kids.

Feeling good,  loving my new juicer.  Pop oranges in the top and juice out the bottom .. magic!

Thanks kids!

I renewed my contract at my workplace .. another 3 months of the torture they pay me for!

But its friday and I’m on holiday .. yaaaay!!

A lazy day,  ex-works night out tonight, family birthday party for my god-daughter tomorrow and a night out in Edinburgh with my new partner in fun tomorrow night.

A Bowie tribute band at the Electric Circus,  I’ve saw them a dozen times now, great band, good fun night and looking forward to it as my partner in crime is a Bowie fan too,  just as well really ..

Let me put my arms around your head, gee it’s hot lets go to bed …

She’s uncertain if she likes him but she knows she really loves him ..

It’s a crash course for the ravers,  its a drive-in Saturday …. Yeah!

Looking forward to my drive in Saturday,

Electric Circus

Have fun ..




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