Keeping The Balance Right?

A good friend of mine sent me the following video, have a look, isn’t it inspirational?

Not just the words. His voice, the images and the music make it even more resonant.

Modern day philosophy at it’s best.

I’ll be making sure my kids watch it.

Funny enough I was at Claires one-on-one parents night last night, assessing her choices for the future, what she wants to do, what highers she needs, her prelim results and her progress along that route. This was different to last weeks meeting which was more about what the school does for the kids in 5th and 6th year than for Claire specifcally.

For her chose profession of medicine .. she needs at least 5 straight A’ her highers . fortunately she’s a wee worker, has a fantastic school and is currenly on target, but it could all go pear shape on the day.

Watching the video, I asked myself, is it wrong to encourage Claire to go down the medicine route?

To encourage her become a clone, trapped in the world of compliance alluded to in that video?

Yes and no.

Yes .. it would be undoubtedly wrong to manufacture kids and push them into mind-numbing careers. Working in an office, doing reports or accounts or some other shit has to be one of the most mind-numbing experiences in the world.

But No .. what we have to do is educate them to the best standard that we can provide, direct them to a career of their choosing which they think they will enjoy, that will be rewarding both in itself and provide the financial rewards that allows them to have a more enriching life than working in some mindless role.

The video is very inspirational, but as it says, living as a painter/poet/writer doesn’t pay.

Unfortunately we all need to make a living .. FACT.

We need food and comfort and all the necessities, after that we go and have fun and do exactly what we please.

Hopefully you have a career which pays well, that covers your needs, provides for the future and leaves some cash to spend today.

If like me, you’re fortunate enough, to have reached that zenith, then good for you, you’ve made it, enjoy yourself and the life you’ve created.

Currently. I see my job in life as making sure my kids have a better start in life than I did, after that it’s up to them.

Hopefully we/our children make a good living and then go live the life we/they choose.

Life is a balance, looking after our kids future, looking after ourselves, having fun.

Keep the balance right and life is good.



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