Monday – Breaking Bad and Buying Cars

Hello, Monday again!!

Another busy weekend .. I was so shattered last night that I was sleeping at the back of 9, been up since 4 this morning, drinking tea, playing my keyboard with the headphones in and watching Netflix.

Friday .. excellent show .. Priscilla Queen Of The Desert was fab .. just good fun.

I was up on my feet dancing to all those old 80s classics again .. . love it.

The rest of the weekend, spent with family .. pretty good.

Saturday with my dad, set him up with my Netflix account .. then came across a series called Breaking Bad totally by accident.

It’s a darkly funny American drama series, quite controversially set in the drugs wolrd where the main character, a brilliant, dying, financially struggling chemistry teacher becomes involved in the manufacture of Meth Anphetamine to fund his treatment for Lung Cancer and hence leave his limited funds to support his pregnant wife when he goes.

The journey of the main character from hen-pecked, provider to unwilling druglord is rivetting, but there are many other sub-plots, his disabled son, his over-powering wife, her obnoxious sister who happens to be a doctor, her husband a seedy. stupid DEA agent, the drugs characters, the business-educated mexican pusher, the over-privileged failed middle-class users.

If I’d read the above, then I would have flipped on to the next show .. but it really is very good, funny, sleazy at times and exceptionally clever as it plays one moral dilemma off against another and all the time we find ourselves rooting for the dweeby chemistry teacher as his world falls apart and he careers from one crisis to the next, even although he is undoubtedly in the wrong.

I’ver now watched the first 5 episodes, the second episode and the bath scene is cringeably classic, even Tarantino didn’t go this gory in the Bonny Dilemma in Pulp Fiction. Not that there’s actually much to see, it’s eyes closed but still humerous.

The show has been running since 2008 and is now in its 6th series, Okay I don’t watch a lot of tv, but I haven’t even saw this advertised.

If you have Netflix, have a look.

Sunday – car shopping with Laura, ideally she wants a 1.2 Vauxhall Corsa .. so we ent to Arnolds.

We looked at a few options including a 5k, 5 year old car with 53k miles, 1k down and payments of 110pm over 4 years. The won’t take her old car as a dposit on this one as its got a bit of a history.

Compare this with a brand new car of similar spec, 8.5k, they will take her old scrapper as a trade-in for 600, again 1k down and payments of 140pm over 5 years.

It’s a no-brainer really.

Crazy world when buying a new car, makes more economic dense than buying a used car. It’s all in the interest rates on offer.

So I went home with a happy girl, who can’t wait to pick up her brand new Corsa later this week.

But did she treat me to a chinese for paying the deposit and the first year until she’s qualified and working as s nurse.

Did she heck!


ps – New David Bowie album downloaded from iTunes, loving it so far, sounds like something between the albums Heroes and Scarey Monsters.

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