Friday – Call Me Maybe?

Hey you!!

Friday again!!

I love Fridays .. today I get to escape the mundanity of reality!

Last job before I left the house this moring was a quick tidy up before the cleaner arrives .. barking myself again .. woof!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my homelife too, I don’t know what I’d do without my daughter Claire being around, keeping me on my toes, giving me a sense of purpose.

I don’t think I’d actually like to be on my own 24/7, it would be lonely and even if I filed it up with friends and concerts, I’d still miss just being a dad.

Tonight, I have a family party, my beautiful cousin Kathleen’s husband is 50 and my dad, brothers, uncles, aunts and cousins will all be there,

It will be great fun .. particularly if you know from my previous posts that he doesn’t dance and Kathleen and I will no doubt be on the floor boppping about like we used to when we were kids. I love being part of a BIG family.

Tomorrow … going to see The Australian Pink Floyd again, in Edinburgh this time. They were fantastic when I saw them in Glasgow a few eeks ago. I was never a big Floyd fan and maybe you associate them with hippies on dope, but my tastes have broadened over the years and they have some amazing songs .. see my previous posts for some links.

The female vocal in The Great Gig In The Sky just does it for me.

It is very erotic, uplifting and a great contrast to the melancholy of the piano.

I recently taught myself how to play this on piano a few weeks ago, I was playing it again this mornng, up to the part where the female sings, then wow .. What I would do to have someone standing beside me who could sing like that!!

This is definitely one of my funeral songs .. no doubt .. someday I’m going to The Great Gig In The Sky .. but until then .. Live it.

But what to do?

Tomorrow .. Edinburgh, we’re going through in the afternoon, a tour of George Street, maybe grab a late lunch, a few drinks and down to the Usher Hall for the show to start at 7:30. They have a fantastic light show and its a totally trippy experience.

The show finishes around 10:30 . what to do .. go dancing .. or the last train?

If dancing, book a hotel or go for the late night bus at 2am?l


I heard a couple of new songs this week, or new to me, I love Ben Howards version of Call Me Maybe and looking forward to seeing Lana Del Rey in Glasgow in May.

I still can’t get Bat For Lashes out my head.

But if you watch one video below then watch the bottom one and you’ll know why I love it so much.

Have fun ..



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