Mondays – All Your Gold!

Hello you!

Monday .. Weekend over .. Back to the grind .. well pretending I’m working anyway.

That was a weekend .. in more ways than one and sometimes things don’t turn out exactly as expected.

The house move on Saturday did go as planned, my son pal and I cleared out dining tables, beds, emptied cupboards and, lofts and the garage, filled the van, dumped what needed dumping and put the rest in my garage.

If you need an almost new 8 place dining table or a beautiful small 4 seat glass kitchen table with purple chairs .. give me a shout!! I could Ebay them but I can’t be bothered with the hassle.

All good so far .. but closing the door .. the last time closing that particular door .. I have to admit I had a big tear in my eye.

A big hug from my boy and we were sorted .. door closed and move on.

Writing this is cathartic too .. closing doors and moving on .. but lets just say it was emotional!

Saturday night, took the guys out for a thank-you dinner and a few beers, went to see a one of my favourite local bands which cheered me up and home sober and happy at 12 .. slept like a baby!

Sunday .. cancelled the piano shopping .. bet you haven’ heard that phrase before!! 🙂

I went to watch the football with my son, pal and brothers .. sitting watching Celtic trounce Dundee 5-0, the game was secondary to having a good laugh with everyone.

Last night, picked the munchkin up form her Duke Of Edinburgh weekend at Armday House .. She had just complated a 10k hillwalk, fully loaded with her rucksack and was still rosey cheeked and looking pretty. But was desperate for a bath!!

All good so far? Kind of chilled, changing priorities, appreciating people and dealing with practicalities.

On Friday I met my good pal Stephem for a curry and a catchup. but he had to leave early as his wee one isn’t too well and he got a call to go home .. the wee one has been taken into Yorkhill with suspected Meningitis .. Some things put the rest of your world in perspective.

My feeling from the weekend is that people matter, friends and family, houses and stuff dont really count .. you can always get another house or more stuff.

Which takes me on to a nice clsoe with a song I heard in the car yestetday, All Your Gold by Bat For Lashes, I hadn’t heard this before but think it sounds fantastic and reminds me of Gotye’s – Someone That I Used To Know.

Having listened to both songs and watched both videos, I wonder if it the same female singer? I doubt it but they look and sound very similar.

All your gold doesn’t really matter, people matter.

Whatever you did, I hope that you had a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Mondays – All Your Gold!

  1. Hi there 🙂 life does suck sometimes.
    shame about the piano (with that result 5-0 can see how the piano was bin lol) hope you get it soon would like you to play a peace then post it on here.

    i enjoy the music you put on. Pretty Woman, love that film seen it to many times lol
    the sound track is really good.

    june. x

    1. Thanks June,

      It was a good result at the weekend, least said about last nights result the better.

      I’m glad you enjoy reading the blog and my musical taste.

      I enjoy putting my thoughts on
      paper and letting my mind run free with the story.

      What to do next!!


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