Friday – Moving On Up – My Light Shines On!

Waaay-hay-haaay … Friday again!!

Bit of a biggie and not for concerts, dancing or walks.

This weekend is the last weekend I have with my house in Newton Mearns, I bought it in 1997, my first detached house, it was meant to be my house for life.

But things don’t always work out the way you planned do they?

Maybe I’m just a wee bit sad about it, but I moved out a long time ago, have my own place and I’m quite settled so why should I feel sad?

The reality is, the house has been an albatross round my neck, a big expensive house and an ex-wife who didn’t work and refused to accept that she needed to move out and move on.

So although we were divorced long ago, I paid the mortgage to keep the peace until last year when she moved in with her new man. Then bought her out, ripped it apart, refurbbished it back to being almost new and put it on the market.

I had swithered with moving back in there, it has a lot of good memories, the first night we moved in and Steven and Laura aged 6 and 7 at the time both had their own rooms, but wanted to sleep in their old bunk beds in the spare room which was thier play room. Telling them about the first house I’d been brought up with its outside loo and no bath and them looking at me incredulously wondering how people could live like that?

It was the house that Claire was born in … a wee chubby baby .. the biggest of the 3, now she’s a beautiful young woman.

But standing there in the hall even although its freshly decoratedl, carpets ripped out and replaed with new oak floors, it only brings back memories of a marraige falling apart.

So its much better to move on.

Am I sad about it? Yes .. its the end of an era?

Am I pleased about? YES ..even more so .. its the end of an era!! 🙂

What to do .. this time next week I’ll have a major lump sum in hand.

Pay off my current mortgage?
Change my car?
Go on a fancy holiday?

Hhhhmm .. I could do all that but their not actually necessary, I’m happy with what I have.

I’ll pay half the mortgage, keep some back but keep the payments the same to pay off the rest quickly.

I’ll keep my car, the merc is fine and I have the TT for fun .. no need to change.

What I will do is sweeten the deal for the kids, I’m siure they will feel a certain sadness too, so ..

For Steven .. I’ll give him a grand to go on holiay with his pals he deserves it, he’s been working and studying hard.

For Laura .. Her car has been giving her grief so I’ll take her out and buy her a new one .. well a year or two old.

For Claire .. I’ll pay her school fees in advance for the year ahead and pay for her school trips.

The rest .. I’ll stick it in a long term account and they can have it for deposits to their first flats.

Tonight, I’m meeting my best pal Stephen for a curry and a catch up, but I will be driving as Saturday will be busy.

Tomorrow, pick up the hire-van and clear whatever is left including my old IT kit and University stuff from the loft.

Tomorrow night, taking my helpers Alex, my boy and any of my brothers that turn up for a curry and a few beers.

Sunday … going to look at that grand piano. I’ve had my eye on one in McLarens for years and I’ve had the money for it since my mum passed away but used it for other things. So its my turn.

And a week in the sunshine would be good! 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my gibberings .. just pouring out my thoughts on paper.

What ever you are doing I hope you have a lovely weekend.


ps – hope you like my choice of songs .. moving on up .. moving on out .. nothing can stop me .. my light shines on!


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