Houses, Kids And Pretty Women!

Good morning to you!!

the legalities and processes of my house sale are now underway … the bids have been opened and the official legal offer has been accepted.

Everything is in a bit of a rush as the buyers are currently renting and would like to save paying another months rent.

The transfer date is next wednesday the 27th .. scarily soon.

The new lawyers have been in contact .. the last were sacked following the mess they made with the divorce.

This morning .. identity checks done .. what a pallava ..They say its the new money laundering regulations but I don’t believe this is necessary.

On the plus side .. it made me check my passport .. which is just as well as it expires next week and I’m off to Amsterdam at the end of March for the weekend.

Today – I need to get a van organised for the weekend as its the only time I have available for moving.

Not that theres much to move as the house has been sitting empty since last year.

The hardest part is going to be telling my daughter that its sold.

In other news .. the munchkin is freaking about her prelims.

Private schools, classes of 6-8, they push the kids pretty hard .. and she’s a wee worrier.

I’ve told her to chill out and that it doesn’t really matter at this level, but it’s in her nature.

I’m pleased that she’s conscientious, she will go far.

I have 3 kids, a handsome son and 2 pretty young women.

I’m proud of each of them but its amazing how different they are.

Steven is smart, but lazy. He has turned it around, but is stuggling to find a job despite his good degree in Microbiology.

Laura not as academic, but clever in different ways and a worker. She’s just about completed her nursing training.

She was my problem child, a bad combination of hormones, middle child syndrome and her mums temper .. scary! 🙂

She wants to be a theatre nurse when she qualifies .. not the kind of job you dream about when you’re a kid. I’m so proud that she has turned things around in recent years.

But Claire, my youngest, she is smarter than Steven and harder working than Laura.

She just doesn’t realise how much potential she has.

She also doesn’t realise how pretty she ihas turned out to be.

Hopefully her upcoming Duke Of Edinburgh weekends will help with her personal development and confidence as well as her education.

Bit of an unfocused gibber today .. just emptied my mind and dumped it on paper.

I need to get back to writing another few chapters for that book!

I kind of miss it.

Take care of you! ( Copyright the very beautiful Julia Roberts! )



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